An insight into relationships: A relationship with yourself

I came across this interesting piece sent to me by my cousin on the blackberry messenger, it read ‘keep your relationship tight because someone somewhere is out there waiting for you to fall apart’ It got me thinking, do we value the relationships we have, there are thousands and even millions of people who are unaware of the relationship they have with themselves or who sub consciously have a terrible relationship with themselves. You might be wondering at this point how a person can have a relationship with oneself. Oh Yes, we all have a one to one relationship with ourselves and it manifests in so many ways. It could be that we are so much in love with our selves, pardon me! I mean it could be that we are so vain, we stare for a considerable time at the reflection of ourself in the mirror. Admiring for too long or should I say obsessing our looks. This is quite different from staring at the mirror and searching for that perfect smile to dazzle your fans and it relates mostly to those in the entertainment industry or in the case of business executives, the smile to dazzle the board or the movers and shakers of your industry. How about feeling that you’re worthless or developing low self esteem because you feel you are not loved. What of people who are always in search of company under the guise that they love company while in actual fact, they cannot bear the thought of spending time with themselves because they think it’s appalling.(self loathing) And what of that category of persons, who do not enjoy spending time with themselves or who need constant reminder from people that they are good looking or beautiful. This last category stems from insecurity and can only be cured when you know you have a good relationship with yourself. The question burning in our minds now is: How can one have a good relationship with oneself?
Our relationships with others, all starts with us as a “person”, if we feel bad about ourselves or if we don’t know our worth as an individual, it will be impossible for us to cultivate good relationships with others. A good relationship bores down to feeling good with our self, been comfortable in our own skin, striving to be a better person, self confidence, being confident of our abilities and most importantly being at peace with our selves.
I ask again how can one have a good relationship and do you have a good relationship with “you” or are you merely vain?