More antidotes to having a long lasting relationship with your spouse

Another secret to preserving a relationship between spouses is perseverance, most couples are not determined to keep the vow of ‘till death do us part’ Most couples would rather say till lack of funds part us or till the issue of barrenness’ do us part. Perseverance is a key to having a long-lasting relationship with your spouse, once a spouse can develop the spirit of determination, in addition to love the marriage would last for a life time. Trust is another component that helps in preserving relationships, when there is a distrust lurking around in a marriage it comes with suspicion, back biting, jealous rage and a lot of other factors which would eventually lead to the end of such union.  Further, another factor that can help build a long-lasting relationship which previously existed is the ability to be open to corrections in a relationship, as well as the ability of the spouse correcting to do so with love and understanding and not with malice and insults. Spouses that are open to corrections always have the best relationships because they are always seeking ways to improve their skills in all spheres of the relationship, be it in matters of sex or matters of food or matters of finances.  As we all know it relationships with our spouse is hard work and the only way we can keep our relationship is by maintaining it and sustaining it by what we do or say.  Spouses must cultivate the habit of listening to each other, taking corrections, understanding when the going gets tough rather than bailing out. Spouses must enter into a marriage union with the mentality that it is for better or worse and not with a prenuptial agreement in the event of separation. The anticipation of separation is proof that you are marrying the wrong person. The mindset that there is a door out of the marriage if things don’t work out shows that you never intended to have a long and lasting relationship in the first place. It is profound that relationships are not all rosy and there are times when it would be surrounded by thorns but it is our ability to look past the thorns that preserves our relationship.  In sum every long-lasting relationship between spouses is characterized by love and perseverance amongst other. So, next time you say to your spouse ‘I love you’ make sure you mean it.


One thought on “More antidotes to having a long lasting relationship with your spouse”

  1. I am gonna dive a little to the religious aspect of this topic reason because marriage was ordained by God from the beginning of creation.. Staying true to the Vow sometimes might not sound easy but to those who plead on Gods grace in their home,recognizing the fact that God is the head of the home leading through the husband as the physical head of the home things become a lot easier that’s when the wife instead of arguing with her husband over issues would learn to take it to God in prayer who will in turn teach her how to calm her husband down and persevere whatever comes her way in her home an impatient woman will in no time open her home to the devil or other intruders in form of friends or even relations, because I tell you men have ego they will be wrong but would still expect the woman to apologize don’t we think its takes a woman with the fear of God to be humble enough to make peace after all the holy book says women be submissive to your husband and husband love your wives,my point is men and women who has decided to stay together for the rest of their lives should employ the hand of God because they can not do it on their own.

    Men this is to you make other women outside jealous of your spouse at home not the other way round and hey women do the same thing, for a long lasting marriage you both should keep the FIRE OF LOVE BURNING, never sleep over grudges make sure one party initiates settlement before going to bed whenever there are grudges between you both(because some grudges slept over might escalate and surprise you in the morning), keep the FOR BETTER FOR WORSE sacred in your hearts recognize the fact that you made the vow before God whom is supreme above all..
    Satan never likes where is rosy in the first pace so keep him away far from your home and I see God blessing and using Your homes as role models in jesus name..
    A quick Tips from my yet to be released Book tilted ‘Tips on keeping Your Home ‘ Do not give the Devil a Foothole/loophole in your home otherwise he will turn it into a stronghold’ Advise:Cover Any loophole before it becomes a stronghold used by the enemy against your home’
    Bye for now ‘wink wink’

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