Dana Plane Crash: Seeking a perfect relationship with our service providers

Special dedication to the victims of the Dana Airplane Crash and  all other persons who lost their lives in the mishap, may you find rest in the bosom of the Lord.

Let’s focus on the recent happenings in our country, Nigeria. Although, I must confess that at this moment in our lives most people are in need of comfort due to the recent disaster. Yes, the Dana Airplane Crash, flight 9J-922! I was so tired on the evening of Sunday, the 3rd of June 2012 due to the flurry of activities I had lined up for the day.  My spirit was willing but my body was weak, however, in between activities I was opportune to hear the breaking news on the radio and it sounded so unreal because the details were not clear. I called a friend who has the reputation of being very current with the happenings of Nigeria and he confirmed the news. My grief was justified as I heard that all passengers lost their lives to the fatal plane crash, even worse was the fact that the plane crashed into a two storey building.

My heart was gripped with pain and sorrow as I imagined the last minutes and seconds of the victims of the plane crash as well as those unfortunate people who met their death in the affected building.  More so, I was paralyzed by grief when I finally saw the mass of bodies charred from the explosion that emanated from the accident.

Further, I learnt that a friend’s colleague was involved and so the stories of people who we knew people who were relatives of the victims flooded into my ears over the next few days after the crash. It is a nightmare that I pray this Nigeria will never relive, but it also brought to my consciousness the type of relationship that our service providers have with us especially in the transportation industry. Service providers in this context are loosely used to accommodate companies that provide services to us in one way or the other. Imagine the nicely dressed air flight attendants of Dana air all clad in red, standing out amongst the other air flight attendants of other airlines!  Of course to our mind’s eye what better services can be provided in the aviation industry especially by private airlines apart from having all attractive and very polite flight attendants, nice meals or snacks, lovely looking planes despite its age or hidden faults unknown to us and a record for being timely. However, providing services goes beyond the above as there’s a duty on the company to ensure that their planes are fit for flying. In other words, there’s a duty on the company to fly planes that are not faulty and in cases where the planes are faulty, same should be taken for repairs and unless it has been certified as fit for flying, no station manager or management of a company must instruct a pilot to fly that plane conveying passengers. If and only if this happens then I would say that such a company has aimed for the best in providing top-notch services to its customers.  I watched with horror as I listened to a staff of Dana Airline recount the ordeal of that plane that was used to convey passengers on that fateful day of the crash. She stated that the plane has always been faulty and that there was a time the plane was sent for repairs and on coming back it was used for a full trip conveying passengers from one destination to another. She was so pained by the experience and blamed the use of faulty planes on the management of the company.  The company on its part has denied the use of faulty planes and in particular stated that the plane used in conveying passengers on that fateful Sunday was not the faulty plane because no pilot would risk his life and that of passengers in flying a faulty plane. The whole incidence has left a lot of speculations on the plane crash ranging from allegations of the residents of Iju Ishaga, Lagos that the ghosts of the victims would hunt them if their bodies are buried at the site of the crash to hydraulic fault of the plane to the history of the ‘faulty’ plane.  Sahara reporters have speculated that Dana Airlines might have purchased flight 9J- 992 ‘with a pre-existing safety issue and a troubling past of safety record.’ The aircraft was previously owned by US-based Alaska Airlines.

The relationship service providers have with their customers is not limited to the aviation industry, although my focus is on the transportation industry. It is common knowledge in Nigeria that road accidents are an everyday occurrence and there has been little or no response from the Government to address this issue. Little wonder that some people made reference to the fact that people die on a daily basis from road accidents and the fuss been accorded to the plane crash has never been given to road accidents.  Further, people have insinuated that the plane crash is just an accident and accidents do occur. They felt that the major cause of the declaration of the ‘national day mourning’ lies in the fact that rich people were involved in the accident, while this might not be entirely false, we should focus on the larger picture here which is the quality of services been provided in the transportation industry.

Those who travel by road are familiar with the promises of buses that the passengers would travel in air-conditioned buses, thereby increasing the price of their fare and not providing that service at the end of the day. What of the fact that most transporters put faulty buses on the road with the aim of cutting cost by failing to service their buses before embarking on a trip or the occurrence of using faulty tyres in the name of ‘ management’. Many people have lost their lives to that type of carelessness and even worse bad services emanating from the transportation industry. Most of the companies in the transportation industry are more concerned about maximizing profit at the expense of people’s lives. I learnt that Dana Airlines is losing the sum of N50, 000,000.00 (Fifty million naira) daily due to the suspension of its activities by the Federal Government of Nigeria. Perhaps, if all transportation companies have the reputation of paying keen attention to the state of their airplanes, cars or ships, mishap of this nature would be a thing of the past and their most cherished profits will also be utilized because people will always move from part of the country to another either by road or by air being the two major modes of transportation in the country.

I understand my grief and the grief of all Nigerians but it is at a time like this that we need to critically look at the nature of services we are being provided with in the transportation industry.

Perhaps, making that extra effort by our service providers can save millions of lives being lost to the accidents be it road accidents, air accidents and/or sea accidents.


Image credit: Daily Herald/ Jon Gambrell and Yinka Ibukun

To cheat or not to cheat: Cheating spouses in relationships ( cont’d)

If you just found out that your spouse of many years is cheating, has been cheating or has cheated on you, what would you do? I guess you might for one tiny moment contemplate revenging by being confrontational, by letting the other party know you are aware or by even cheating on your spouse and telling them you did same. However, upon seeing the expression on their face, we wish we never took that route, we would wish we never took that approach.

My candid opinion remains; we should deal with our pain and disappointments we should never hide in that shell of cheating, eating excessively, being violent, being nasty, etc. Or the guilt trip route, wondering what we did wrong that made the other person found solace in the arms of another man or woman. Frankly, some spouses cheat even when their partner has never attempted to make them cheat by acting in a particular way.

We should  learn to appreciate ourselves for who we are even when strive to improve upon ourselves, because some people have the tendency to cheat no matter what type of beautiful relationship they find themselves in, you won’t believe this but some men or women have cheated on their spouses all their lives. This is not because they do not love their spouse, but because they are not strong enough to resist the lure of having sex outside their relationship.

Some spouses cheat to make themselves better, they cheat to boost their ego, they cheat to be appreciated they cheat because they want to be desired by another person, they cheat because they are no longer attracted to their spouse, they cheat because they feel the new person is much better than their previous spouse, they cheat because they want to have it all. At this point I must state it emphatically and categorically that I am not justifying cheating or condoning cheating, all I am trying to do is give us an insight as to why spouses cheat. It is complicated and complex to proffer all the reasons why spouses cheat in relationships, but this are some of the basic reasons. As the saying go different strokes for different folks.  To be candid, we should learn to appreciate and know ourselves better, this would reduce that tendency to cheat and make us faithful come what may, relationships are meant to be worked on, and if you can’t have a good relationship with yourself, it is extremely difficult to have a good relationship with others.



To cheat or not to cheat: Cheating spouses in relationships!

Last night I watched a movie titled ‘The girlfriend experience’ which sparked the desire to write on cheating spouses. The movie was about a high-class prostitute who strived to create a relationship with her clients, she tried to be what they wanted her to be, said what they wanted to hear, and did what made them happy. The most amazing part of the story was that she was in a relationship with a man who knew she was a prostitute. They actually lived together and this got me wondering, how is he taking it? How does he cope with the thought that the woman he loves and has sex with also have sex with multiple men in a day?  My speculations were simple, maybe to the prostitute it was just a job, to the man he was supportive and he let her do what she wanted to do. perhaps, he met her as a prostitute and fell in love with her, but couldn’t change it, he couldn’t get her to change her profession and she was damn good in her profession, he even consoled her when she had a bad day. They did have ground rules though, which entailed that she won’t be spending the weekends with her clients. Well! I guess it worked for them and most importantly it was a movie. However, I learnt that some movies are actually produced based on people’s personal experience or true life stories.

I am not sure men with all their egocentric characteristics find it appealing to date a prostitute; however it is very appealing for them to cheat. Pardon me guys! I don’t mean to judge you, am just merely stating a fact. I have once asked the following questions: why do men cheat? Why do women cheat? Why do people cheat in relationships?  And the answers I got on Facebook was really fascinating, a friend said I was philosophical with regards to the question on why do men cheat, I guess the society feels it is normal for a man to cheat and the answer to the question on why women cheat were as follows; she has no value, she is a slut and so on. Why the harsh judgment on women?

There are a billion and one reasons why people cheat or possibly an uncountable number of excuses to support their action. For men, the major reason is that men are polygamous in nature: whatever that means! And I bet they would say women are monogamous in nature!  Great!

The real question now remains; how does a man or a woman feels when their partner is unfaithful? I guess nobody is overly generous that they won’t feel bad when it happens. Most spouses who have found themselves in that situation feel their trust has been betrayed, some find it very difficult to take the cheating spouse back and that is in circumstances where the cheating spouse returns. As we all know, trust is an integral part of every relationship, the moment trust is missing the relationship is standing on a very shaky and slippery ground. Trust me cheating spouses almost and always tell lies to cover their tracks.

Some spouse respond by cheating just to cause the same type of pain the other has caused or inflicted on him/her. Others get so battered that they become under the illusion that something must be definitely wrong with them; their self-esteem becomes so low that it can be described as nonexistent.  Some people react by turning to food to comfort them from that pain that there are no longer desirable by their partners. I guess they eventually become miserable, dejected and depressed…

To be continued.