And it continues: Fairy Tale Romance v. Real Tale Romance


Please don’t get me wrong, I don’t care if a  Nigerian man or any other African man dates an European or American Lady  but the lady in question is quite advanced in age and she is also on the fat side (not too fat though) then she has wrinkles all over her exposed body (i.e. the neck, a bit of the chest and her forehead) she also had issues with her leg such that she was limping a bit, then she had some sort of sun glasses, so I could not really take a peek at her face in its natural state. Her companion (who might be her husband or fiancé) was on the other hand a tall and good looking hunk of a man, he held her hand and they walked into a popular place in Lagos. Most people shook their head and I am sorry to say that I was one of those who also shook my head due to the thoughts I and other onlookers shared (Thoughts that he married her for her money or to obtain the nationality of another country). And we commented on how he could have dated or married such a woman because of the gains he seeks. (Visa to her country, papers and the permanent residence permit or the nationality of the woman’s country) For all we know, that woman might be a grandmother who is bored to death with her life and is looking for some young love or fresh blood as I fondly like to describe it. I am only left with imaginations to wonder if the young man’s dream-woman is the visa to a European or American country so that the old lady is just a means of achieving this aim. I am damn sure that the old lady is not his dream-woman unless his dream woman must be old, wrinkled and have some kind of ailment. I guess his marriage to the woman is the real tale romance although some men have cut themselves better deal than his in their search for their desired life style.

Perhaps, after about five years he would divorce her and get married to his dream-woman. I guess giving up your desired woman for an available woman, whom you have to be extremely drunk before you can touch, is too high a price to pay. Then again, it is called real tale romance as most men have sacrificed their princesses on the altar of materialism, sensibility, societal pressure or pleasure. Am not sure many men out there ended up with the ideal woman they pictured in their head. However, the only difference is most men tried to turn their available into their desired such that they can’t tell the difference anymore and this still bores down to real tale romance. It becomes a story of converting what you have to what you really want or it becomes a story of being content with you have as long as it is manageable, but I am of the opinion that even all the spells in fairy tales are not enough to change that above described old lady into a ‘Cinderella’ for the Nigerian man.

Finally, men have learnt over the years to be flexible when looking for their Princess as Princesses comes in many forms, some might have the right character but not the beauty, some might have the beauty but not the right character, some might have the right character and the beauty but not the brain. Rare princesses combine the priceless qualities of beauty, character and brains.  Nevertheless, princesses do not come in the form of visa to other countries disguised in wrinkled skin and unattractive body wearied off by age. But in actual fact that’s the reality most desperate men find themselves in. Guys! Whatever the case maybe, make sure you always aim for your fairy tale princess so that at the end of the day your real tale princess would look more like a fairy tale. My final word is this: “learn to be romantic and have a blast, it’s not that bad out there.”



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