Ladies …Fairy tale Romance v. Real Romance: Your knight in shining armor




Cinderella & Prince Charming


Have you ever wondered why comedians are often lashing out at ladies when it comes to choosing a life partner? I guess it started with a lady’s idea of her ideal man. I was opportune to watch and listen to ‘Basket mouth’ speak at a wedding reception where he prayed for the single ladies to find a tall, dark, rich and handsome young man. But I do have a question; must he always be tall, dark and handsome as well as rich? Is the package not overwhelming? (Joking)

Women have great imaginations and their imaginations come alive when they are dreaming of their dream man or prince charming. I know women have exotic tastes but in reality their taste are defined by the luxury that would be lavished on them. Every woman loves to be spoiled rotten with expensive gifts, every woman loves to be taken care of and that makes them look for a man who is capable of providing for their needs. As teenagers they dream of prince charming to be tall, muscular, dark and handsome because they spent hours reading mills and booms and watching romantic movies.

Some women have defined the type of men they can date ranging from his profession to his looks and to the level of his wealth. It might surprise you to read that I am not left out in this blunder because as a teenager I grew up imagining my life partner to be a drop dead good-looking guy who must be taller than me. At some point I was only attracted to tall and dark guys (I wonder what was with the tall and dark ones) much later when I became an adult I realized that the looks were not extremely important. I realized that it was the vision, hard work and the ability to have a decent conversation, the ability to communicate, the ability to aim for the best, the ability to never tire of his presence that mattered most. I stopped placing great emphasis on physical appearance, right now I don’t care if he is light in complexion or not drop dead gorgeous (although it still matters because a lady must be attracted to her man) A friend once quipped that have I ever seen a relationship fall apart because the woman is taller than the man? That statement made great sense and was quite weighty.  Hence, friendship became the most important stuff to me in a relationship and if I can’t be friends with a guy, then dating that guy is a lost cause…

To be continued…


One thought on “Ladies …Fairy tale Romance v. Real Romance: Your knight in shining armor”

  1. Yes to date a person he/she must first be able to be your friend because when love fails friendship continues( I hope few people we agree with me that love sometimes love do fail, if you doubt me go and ask the old married couple)
    Many persons have the picture of an ideal Man but few end up marrying ‘Not so close to the picture they have fantasize about’ but the still get married anyways and the resort to the saying ‘Hum my dear Man Proposes God Disposes that’s what I hear them telling their there long lost friend when gisting when she says O dear hum you of those days see whom you later marry’
    But truly in life Man Proposes God Disposes, I enjoin we ladies and men to pray to God to choose for us because his choice is always the best, however beware Gods choice for you might not necessarily be handsome or beautiful but its the best suffice to say that I and you know that God will never make a decision that we harm our future. However that not to say we shouldn’t desire or have a picture of what we want because what you dream of daily becomes reality someday …

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