And it continues …Your knight in shining armor

How about the tall, fair and handsome guys, how come ladies do not wish their Prince Charming to be tall and fair and handsome or short and average looking? As we all know beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. However, most times Nigerian comedians make so much money at the expense of ladies when they analyze a lady’s quest for prince charming.  The comedians often say  that as young ladies their  standards are high and can only be met in fairy tales and that when they advance in age and no man has proposed to them they lower their standards some much so that the more advanced a lady is in age the lower her standard goes. It might not be entirely true as one thing I know for sure about the woman kind is that they know what they want. They erase the romance when it comes to settling down. Some look for comfort and a good life style, hence the ability to marry a man who does not fall under the category of tall, dark and handsome but is very rich. Some marry the good-looking ones because they are already comfortable and do not need the man’s wealth; some marry the intelligent ones because they love to have a partner who would encourage them. Make no mistake; a lady’s knight in shining armor comes in different shades and sizes. Remember ladies are only moved by what they hear hence the smooth talker with a big pocket goes home with a very beautiful woman as a wife.

However, I do not agree with those ladies who uses men as a means to achieving an end, this is in view of the fact that a woman by nature is meant to be loving and romantic. The idea of marrying a man in order to obtain visa to another country is despicable when you do not love him but love his nationality. I guess women are also moved by the promise of a better life hence the issue of using marriage as a quick means of becoming rich. Little wonder an American Journalist in Nigeria in his tweet commented on the old European or American man who was very close to the grave dating a young and hot Nigerian teenager.



One thought on “And it continues …Your knight in shining armor”

  1. Contrary to general opinion of men about ladies that the older ladies advanced in age the lower the criteria they require from prospective suitors, its not so true because I know many high academic/ Career standing ladies who are yet to marry because all their serious toasters are school drop outs..As for Women who marry for riches the end shall tell

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