What women really want



I was accused of not writing on ‘what women really want’ the male folks attributed their accusations to the fact I am a woman and I assume that everyone knows what women want. I promised to write on what women really want. But before I delve into this topic, I would like to say Ramadan Kareem to the Muslims. However, I noticed that the prices of food have been increased due to the Ramadan season. It makes me wonder when Nigerians would stop being opportunists. Is this obtainable in other parts of the world? Have the prices of food in Countries  where Muslims observe Ramadan been increased as well?  Please I need comments on this issue.

What women want is quite simple and uncomplicated contrary to what most men would like to believe. Women love and crave for comfort. They want to have the best of the world, designer shoes, designer bags, designer dresses, wrist watches, jewelry, exotic cars, a magnificent house, choicest holiday resort, enough money to cook great meals and a good and reliable man. Hmmm!!!!

I read a joke yesterday which made me laughed so hard,  briefly put the joke was about a lady who  was asking for way too much as her birthday gift from her “boyfriend” She wanted Brazilian hair, designer shoes, designer bags and the likes. The “supposed boyfriend” absconded after being presented with the birthday list.

Despite that joke, we must know that women are wonderful beings that can multiply whatever you can give them.  For instance give a woman a house and she turns it into a home. Thus, if the whole package of being comfortable that is having all the enumerated designer stuff  or normal basic stuff comes with a man, then a woman is more than satisfied. Women also love attention and affection, they love communication as well.  I am of the opinion that one of the greatest causes of nagging is lack of communication. When a man fails to communicate with his woman it results to incessant nagging as all form of understanding from that woman evaporates. Women should also realize that men cannot multi task like women and therefore find it difficult to manage communication over a period of time. (It will amaze you to know that some men are damn good in communication) You may ask what about  women who are not materialistic and who are independent enough to provide for their  needs.  Well, such women desires affection and attention, since they have the money to take of their needs. They desire companionship. Women were created to help men and this purpose pushes the desire in women want to fix things all the time. Women   also want to look good all the time but not all women want designer stuffs,  however all women want is a good man who can provide for them and be as strong as a rock in times of their need.