Wedding dresses: To buy or to rent?


I accidentally stumbled across a website on wedding dresses 2012 styles and I took a peep out of curiosity or should I say my eyes loves to behold beauty. Well, the wedding dresses were quite expensive for average Nigerians. Ranging from N150,000 to N250,000 or even more  depending on the dress that catches your fancy.  Am I just thinking aloud for average Nigerians or am I crying more than the bereaved. Anyways, I wondered how we can buy wedding dresses at an outrageous price but wear them just once. Call me naughty! I was thinking it can be won twice perhaps on the day we wed and on the day we die. Lets face it most ladies would not like to rent their wedding dresses and most men find it appalling that they have to spend so much to buy a wedding dress when their suits are not outrageously expensive. Personally, I love the wedding dresses. the wedding dresses provoked thoughts of weddings and I naturally craved for one, so much so that I started proposing to all my male friends ( just joking!! ) I can’t stop laughing at that joke. Call me old school or conservative I can’t propose to a guy. I only admire from a distance those ladies who are so empowered and bold to propose to a guy. Just the other day, I was watching some American program where the lady proposed to the guy and he accepted to marry her. I was so happy for them and I realized that we can’t publicize that in Nigeria. perhaps, we are too judgmental in Nigeria, we have this haughty look and condemning attitude which we inherited from our colonial masters . Thus,  when we hear stories on how some couples met  and eventually ended up married we are always looking for the bad side of the story. For instance, if the guy(unknown to the lady ) offered to give the lady a ride and she accepted and eventually they dated and married, rather than responding with nice words and commenting on how romantic the meeting was, we would ask questions like what if he was a ritualist? or what if he was a killer or an armed robber? Hey! she took a great risk in accepting his ride, she was lucky that he did not rape her. I know bad things still happen but we should try to spice our lives a bit with romance.

Back to the topic, there are pros and cons associated with buying a wedding dress especially when the couples are on a tight budget, I am aware that this topic has generated a lot of controversy as most men with tight budgets are of the opinion that the wedding dresses are only worn once while the women on the other hand cries foul as the wedding is a very important ceremony and event in their lives. Hence why not indulge in the luxury even though it pinches in the pocket., they feel buying a wedding dress makes them feel brand new as opposed to renting what someone has worn before.
I am of the opinion that we should learn to live within our means and if we can afford to buy the most expensive wedding dress why not? but if we can’t afford it we should forget about it as the wedding dress does not bring about a happy marriage and what people say about the wedding dress cannot make your marriage last a life time.