The broken hearts of men: Men can also be broken hearted

I guess an apology is appropriate at this point because I have been caught up for the umpteenth time at work. I wonder when I would ever be free to pursue my dreams and fly with it like a bird. Ok guys! My profession is a jealous profession and it hates to share, but don’t worry I will devise a means to share my time.
Now to the topic at hand, I was told that guys do get heartbroken and I was shocked when I heard it, don’t blame me for being shocked. In this part of Africa i.e Nigeria, men are clothed with the macho character, they are demi gods who must be respected and obeyed even when they are wrong. They often make statements like: ‘I am the man’ and they hardly talk about their love for a woman. In fact, their love for a woman is expressed by how much material stuffs they buy for her and you know what? Most women are cool with it. There are the few enlightened women who are not cool with it and they voice out their opinions but the hazard still remains. Because African men do not like it when a woman challenges him or his authority.

Then came the shocking revelation that behind all that machostic characteristics that men also love and more so their hearts get broken by the female folks. I learnt also that men have cried for the love of a woman and even starved themselves for days or refuse to do any other thing. However, the men in question are students in higher institutions and not working class men, so I choose to believe that grown men do not get their hearts broken. I was fortunate to speak to a friend who said his heart has never been broken. I was amazed and I told him that it is because he has never really loved. I believe that once you open your heart to love the great risk you face on a daily basis is the vulnerability of being hurt by the one you love. I know men also have the tendency to be hurt hence they hide under the cloud of being bossy and all.
And this is to all the ladies out there, don’t treat a man like trash just because he has opened up his heart to love you. Love is a gift and if you are fortunate to have a man love you treat him kindly even if you can’t return the love, for men also have hearts which can be broken by you. Hence, turning them into a monster incapable of loving another no matter how hard they try. We would be doing the world a whole lot of good, if we can be a little nice in treating men even when we are not interested. perhaps a polite refusal would not hurt anyone but make the world a better place.



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