2013- New Beginnings


I woke up this particular morning feeling like crap, you see something happened recently in my life and I have not mustered the courage to replay the events in my head. But it has made me realize that all my great plans for this blog has been wasting away while I procrastinate and wallow in self pity. Hehehehe. Ok, that was a joke. Anyways, like a breath of fresh air, it’s a new beginning for everyone and even when you don’t feel like it; know that it is never healthy to remain stagnant in a position. It makes you wonder if you are truly living life or if life is just wasting away because I know we all have great potentials and we all have dreams and to stop dreaming is to stop living. Your situation can’t be that bad that you wouldn’t want to stop mulling over it and just move on. It’s a new beginning and while I desire to finish my novel I also desire to give more inspiration to people out there by writing sensational articles on sensational topics that would give you food for thought or put a smile on your face whatever the situation may be. Wake up fellas and achieve your dreams for it’s the year 2013 and it’s a new beginning for us all.



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