Relationships are so difficult: Different strokes for different folks


Relationships are so difficult and I can’t believe I said that. But it is true trying to understand a partner with a completely different habit and life style adds to the dire taste of difficulty. First, there’s the cultural factor, our childhood plays a very important role in our relationships. For instance, if an adult was brought up as a child in an atmosphere where love and feelings were freely expressed that adult might find it more relaxing to express love to his partner. Imagine growing up in a house that looks like a military zone where hugs, kisses and/or pecks on the cheeks are forbidden, even in adulthood such child would be so scared of expressing his/her feelings. Anyways, apart from that relationship involves compromise and it is not everybody that is willing to compromise and that’s what makes it so difficult. How about trying to please the other party, some spouses are people pleaser, they never say “no” because they are too timid to take a stand in any matter, they rather hide under the shadows of their spouse decision. Surely, even a man who wants the most submissive woman will get bored at some point with the lack of resistance from his partner. Also a woman whose suggestions are always accepted by the man will get bored at some point too. I think a streak of stubbornness in a spouse makes the relationship more interesting.

There are also partners who pretend a lot, with such partners you can never know when they would hurt you and they are often referred to as “green snakes in green grasses”. Thus, when your relationship is so difficult you should ponder on these characteristics of human beings and identify where you or your spouse falls into because somewhere within this characteristics lies your answer on why your relationship is so difficult.

To be continued…


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