Relationships are so difficult: Different people like different things

There are the possessive partners who are all too controlling and domineering, in fact they would prefer their spouse to wear a particular type of clothe or to style their hair in a particular way, some even go as far as telling their spouse the amount of money to spend from their income and the amount to save.  Don’t get me wrong, some people enjoy the enumerated points above because for them it translates into love and care. Nonetheless, to others it is tantamount to imprisonment and they are constantly depressed or seeking ways to break away from the imaginary prison. You see all humans are different and what works for a particular couple may not work for you despite all the best seller books you have read on relationships, it may still not work if you cannot categorize your spouse. Initially, I started with the words: relationships are so difficult” but who said anything about a difficult relationship not being successful, for it bores down to  different strokes for different folks.  So, don’t be afraid to experiment to see what works best for you, also investigate by asking your spouse questions in order to know what category he/she falls into and create your rules in all that you do for the standard of the society for a relationship may not be the standard that works for you.



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