Heal Your Broken Heart : Letting go of the past



Recently, my yahoo mail was hacked and the first emotion I felt was numbness, followed by unbelief then the reality flooded in when I actually tried to send a disclaimer to all my contacts but discovered that they have been deleted. You see, these hackers have become more vicious, all my old emails as well as new emails in my inbox were also deleted. I felt more devastated when I started receiving calls from all over the globe from my dear friends who after exchanging pleasantries inquired to know what happened to my mail. In the midst of this crisis my younger brother advised that I create an account with g mail, that suggestion in itself broke my heart because my yahoo mail stored good memories and important documents alike.  However, when the hackers continued with their activities on my mail, I had no choice but to create a g mail account. I had to let go of the past for a fresh and new beginning with g mail. Do you know how I feel right now? light and free. Its like letting go of what I have held so dearly for a long time and for a greener pasture. My experience with my yahoo mail can be likened to a heart-broken spouse.

Initially, a spouse might not expect the relationship to be called off due to his/her perspective of the relationship, he/she may imagine that there are problems in the relationship which can be solved or he or she may think that the relationship is moving to the next stage. Then comes the blow or the shock that your spouse is calling it quits.  The initial feeling would be that of denial then acceptance to curiosity. In my opinion, I always advise against trying to find out what went wrong because pushing the other party for an explanation can only result in low self-esteem  or total loss of self-esteem or depression or even more hurt. It can also have a drastic effect in your next relationship as you would go in with the mindset that you have problems. You see, when people are hurt they say a lot of hurtful things especially when they are willing to push a good spouse out of the relationship.  Further, you will be perceived by the heart breaker as being  desperate when you try inquire about your action or the reasons why the heart breaker took that drastic step to call the relationship off.  In my opinion, the proper way to heal your broken heart is by letting go of all that memories and time spent with the heart breaker, letting go of the reason that kept you in the relationship, letting go of the reason he/she broke up with you. I know it might seem difficult especially when you have friends who would like to have a reason or series of reasons why your heart was broken. Some friends, may want to know ” why”. I am still of the view that the best response should be : oh! Things just did not work out between us. Proffering a detailed explanation to all your friends that care to ask will only help in expanding the hurt you feel and leaving you bitter at the end of each story telling. I see it as a pity party to wallow in self pity and lament on the things you would have done to make the heart breaker stay.
The approach of letting go of the past is sure to work as you will feel like a brand new person, you will feel free  and light. You know the past is in the past and the future is now.  Heal your broken heart today by leaving those memories of the relationship that are sure to bring you sadness and tears.



3 thoughts on “Heal Your Broken Heart : Letting go of the past”

  1. Dear,

    I quite agree with you but not completely.Relationship atimes is liken to a student that sat for an exam and havind been told that he/she failed in an exam decided to know what the answers to the questions he failed was.

    He/she if privileged probably by the teacher to get the real/correct answers,would make amends subsequently.

    A relationship that is called a quit atimes, especially if the amity was built on a genuine foundation by both parties,the most difficult differencies can be resolved when you ask why any of the party decides to call it a quit.

    1. I agree with you. There’s also the negative side of trying to find out the reasons why your spouse calls it quit, especially when that spouse of yours is not willing to work on keeping the relationship but to walk out of the relationship.

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