Heal Your Broken Heart Series: Stay healthy

I was once told that my heart has never been broken and when I asked why, his response was nobody breaks an intelligent and beautiful girl’s heart because that’s every man’s dream girl.Well, that is not true as beautiful ladies do also suffer from heart-break many a time.

Another approach to heal your broken heart lies in the ability to stay healthy. People react in different ways to heart breaks. Some indulge in unhealthy and bad habits such as eating junk food in order to feel good​. And some indulge in excessive intake of ice cream or chocolates with the hope that it would wipe out their misery. In turn they eventually become obese. What of those who decide to quickly form an alliance in exchange for the hurt they feel and they eventually become alcoholics or inseparable from their drinks. This unhealthy habits are easy to acquire over the course of time and are difficult to lose once the harm has been done. In my opinion a partner with a broken heart should engage in exercises such as swimming, football, baseball, basketball, tennis or whatever exercise that catches his or her fancy. Exercises are avenues for him or her to vent all the pent-up emotions that accumulated during the break-up. It is easier to challenge yourself by taking up new exercises than organizing a pity party with yourself in the form of alcohol or junk food or wallowing in bitterness. The above mentioned habits are the easiest way to ill-health or an early grave. So, today be a darling by staying healthy after a heart-break be it a nasty heart-break or not.

Another important way to heal your broken heart is to engage in activities that makes you happy, but that’s a different topic for another day.


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