Lets share the love: The valentine festival


The longest month of the year is finally coming to an end and we shall soon be ushered into the month of official love. I guess everybody should be in the mood to share some love in February. Now, a lot of jokes have been circulated in anticipation of the gifts ladies are expecting from their man and vice versa. I guess it is a funny way to start  the season of love, however it shows that we have injected a large measure of humour into the valentine’s day celebration that no one should actually feel hurt if their spouse does not meet their expectation. They might as well make a joke out of  the situation. For even the most carefully planned out day might have a hitch or two due to the circumstances beyond our control. I am also aware that not everyone celebrates valentine for reasons best known to them, while some people may simply be disillusioned by the mere mention of valentine’s day due to the absence of a spouse to share the day with.

Here are some jokes to crack your ribs  as I will take you through the next 15 days on what to expect or how to express your love to your spouse on the 14th of February 2013.

Letter to single men from single ladies :

Dear very loving male folks,

We the female folks wish to bring to your notice that in less than 3weeks, there shall be the celebration of love (feb.14).. We’d appreciate it if alongside that box of chocolate is a box of ring- be it diamond, gold, silver or bronze!

We know how much you want us to take a trip to Bahamas, Sun-city, Miami and Paris and we appreciate the kind gesture. BUT instead of the holiday trip, we would appreciate it if you took a trip to our family house instead!

We’ve given you enough hints such as invitation to weddings, church vigils, child dedication and all sorts.

Unfortunately, you are all dumb to realize that- of course we understand that some of you broke up with us during d xmas period but apologies will only be accepted in the form of a marriage proposal with its consummation in no distant time!

Valentine’s day is just 2wks away so you have enough time to call your friends for a drink and tell your fathers, mothers and siblings about us.

Thank you for your kind cooperation.


President, Single Ladies Association.

Response from single men:

Dear single ladies,

We received your letter dated 3 weeks before valentine. Thanks for reminding us what we should do. On behalf of my fellow single men, Iwent to my bank to check our account balance so that we can be able to buy you diamond rings but to our surprise, it was empty.
Reasons : we believe you remember asking for that sexy blackberry 10, well the money came out of that account. You remember that birthday you had at the beach last week, the money came out of that account. Do you remember rejecting the shoes and bag we bought you for Xmas, instead insisted that it must be Prada or Gucci which we eventually bought, the money also came out of that account.
Unfortunately the people who sells diamond rings insisted that we must pay before delivery. Therefore give us more time to save more money so that we can be able to buy the expensive rings for your tiny multi-purpose fingers.
Please note that it took us about 1 year to save up the money you used in one week.
We will exchange letters again by this time next year to see if you changed at all since 1- blackberry 11 is on its way. 2-another Xmas and birthday are coming before next val. Thanks.

President, single guys Association of Nigeria.

I am still stifling a laughter even though I have read the joke for the umpteenth time.

Cheers guys!


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