The Jealous Nature of Men



Have you ever wondered why a man would marry two or three wives or have 700 concubines and 300 hundred wives like King Solomon, but yet get so jealous when one of those wives have an extra marital affair. Yes, such is the jealous nature of men so much so that some have killed or disfigured their lovers all in the name of unsubstantiated jealousy. Nevertheless, some women want their man to be jealous. They feel that it is a sign of love if he is jealous and possessive, but I often wonder how that singular act of possessiveness can be interpreted as love. Imagine, when your lover becomes your stalker in the name of love. A man who wants to monitor your movement all the time is slightly more than in love. he is suffering from insecurity and this can transform into violence on the slightest suspicion that you are being admired by someone else. Guys, hear it now… It is not bad for your woman to be admired by other guys, it is only when your woman starts doing stuffs which is solely for both of you with the other guy that you can get jealous. Most times, excessive jealousy pushes your lover away. It makes your lover cringes with fear , distaste and  finally it makes them hate you. The jealous nature of a man can drive a woman into the loving arms of another man. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that you should not care for your woman, all I am saying is that you should give her some space, trust her and believe what she tells you. Give her the benefit of doubt and even when she does wrong forgive and accept her lovingly. Never condemn her as no one is perfect. Have you ever wondered why most women are married to one man as against ten men?  Well, I guess it never occurred to men that women do not like sharing their body unlike most men who sees nothing wrong in having a wife and a concubine. Men and women are wired differently, but never treat a woman like trash because you are jealous.







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