The Morning After



The dance of death felt more real than the feeling of regret. The mistake has been made and now one must live with the consequences. How can one deal with the consequences of regret. Can a person erase the memory and consequences of a deed that could have been easily avoided. I call it the morning after, because the act happens whilst the person is not fully awake to examine the consequences and realities of a decision. Imagine a woman marrying a wrong partner and vice versa with a man. In this era, one would say divorce can rectify the mistake but what of the scars, the memory. the bitterness the hatred that has been created.


Hi, I am back and I hope to keep it so, my only regret is that I have not been able to actively write posts to thrill and keep my readers alive. A lot of experiences to share on how to keep your relationships alive and active in order to avoid the morning after…


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