For those of us that love politics and have been following the news closely, we are patiently waiting for the outcome of the proceedings of the Code of Conduct Tribunal on allegation of corruption levelled against the Nigerian Senate President Bukola Saraki.

Today is a very special day as we await to see if the Nigerian Senate President Bukola Saraki would show up at the Tribunal or if he will be forced to make an appearance.

The recent happenings in the Nigeria polity has once again brought into limelight Senator Bukola Saraki.

We would all recall that at the beginning of this administration the first drama that erupted was during the first sitting of the National Assembly, where it was alleged that Bukola Saraki engaged a superior form of game to win the election without the blessings of his political party (APC ) to emerge as the President of the Senate.

To people not interested in politics, this act of Bukola Saraki was waved aside and to others very much interested in Politics, they read meaning into his action and with that came the consequences.

Bukola Saraki was perceived to be an underdog fighting “the powers that be.”   He was seen as struggling to upturn the norm both in his political party where candidates for a particular post are unanimously selected.  This gave hope to people who clamoured for change, but then again they might be wrong as he has featured in the news for the umpteenth time. This time not for allegations of sharing alliance with PDP or for dual citizenship but for false declaration of assets.

The One Billion Naira question then is, can he wriggle his way out of this one? His Lawyers are trying to get him out but so far have recorded no success.  At  the very least the Court of Appeal has thrown out their application for stay of proceedings at the Code of Conduct Tribunal and to set aside the warrant of  arrest issued by the Tribuanl against Saraki for failing to honour it’s  invitation.  Then gripped by their failure to save Saraki from the docks, his team of lawyers went on to challenge  the composition of the Code of Conduct Tribunal. They argued that the Code of Conduct Act states for 3 members of the panel to sit before it can be considered as properly constituted, and since only two members were sitting it was not properly constituted. The Chairman of the Tribunal Justice Danladi Umar skillfully dismissed that protest by stating that two members can form a quorum based on the Interpretation Act.

One important point we all should not forget is the “Almighty Conspiracy  Unspoken Theory” that Saraki has not been forgiven by the powers that be for pulling a fast one in becoming the Senate President. Whilst President Mohammed Buhari has distanced himself from the Code of Conduct Tribunal saga, one cannot help but wonder if Saraki is just been taught a lesson… not by the President of the Republic of Nigeria but by the godfathers of APC.

NEWS: At the time of posting this piece, everyone is anticipating the appearance of Bukola Saraki at the Code of Conduct Tribunal by 10am.