Sports : The unexpected happenings

Barclay’s Premier League

This is a season of surprises at the Barclay’s Premier League as no one would have imagined the defending Champions Chelsea to be spiraled down to the 15th position on the league table. Whilst it comes as no surprise that Manchester city is topping table, we are shocked to see West Ham and Leicester following behind in the 3rd and 4th position respectively. Then again, a big cheer goes for Manchester United who seems to have finally found their feet in the 2nd position on the table after the David Moyes pilgrim.

Nonetheless, uncertainty still looms in the air as the season has only just begun and in football nothing is impossible. Can Manchester United maintain its position? and will Chelsea fight for the 1st four positions before the end of the season? Only time will tell…

capital One Cup

Congratulations to Arsenal, Norwich City, Chelsea, Southampton, Crystal Palace for moving on to Round 4.

Below are the fixtures:

Manchester City v Crystal Palace
Liverpool v AFC Bournemouth
Manchester United v Middlesbrough
Everton v Norwich City
Southampton v Aston Villa
Sheffield Wednesday v Arsenal
Hull City v Leicester City
Stoke City v Chelsea