Remember the song, Ladies Night by Kool and the Gang ? and the lyrics it’s a ladies night and the feeling’s right….

The lyrics played in my head tonight and I remembered my fellow ladies out there who are having a Friday night out. I could imagine them wearing those lovely evening dresses and what’s a dress without a smashing footwear?

Yes! High heels most preferably.  It has always been in vogue and will always be in vogue. It can be traced back in history to the 9th century. Elizabeth Semmelhack states that high heels was shown on a 9th century Persian bowl  and the earliest recorded instance of men and women wearing high heel shoes were  the Persian horse  riders.

High heels makes a lady look sleek, elegant, sexy, gorgeous and tall. Nonetheless, it has its disadvantages, the hidden costs of wearing that shoe for hours as we party the night away cannot be overemphasized.

Experts have again stated the dangers of wearing high heels for hours. Such dangers ranges from irreversible damage to leg tendon, hammer toes, the back and knee can also be affected from wearing high heels. The higher the heels the more the pressure is on the ball of the foot. The list is endless, there is ingrown toenails, the danger of falling and  sprained ankles etc.

And with every problem, there is a solution. So ladies fear not, you can still be trendy and fashionable but apply wisdom and caution in rocking that sexy heels of yours. First of all, if you wore heels to the office and you are out tonight, please wear flats “smiles” Ok. I was just joking. But on a serious note, do not wear heels for very long hours. Cut down on the number of hours you wear that heel. And if you cannot do that, wear comfortable heels, by that I mean do not wear very high heels. Averagely high works just fine. You will still look fine and sexy.

Finally massage your feet once you take that heels off.