When I conceived the idea to start blogging on relationships, most of my friends felt it was going to be mostly romance. However, relationships have a broader perspective if we can view it with the lens of the wise. Join me as we explore the mind-blowing ways of having a relationship, what transpires in a relationship and how we can have great relationships. I would love an interactive session on my blog, thus an encouragement to all readers to endeavor to participate in the debate or make some sort of contributions as I strive to also develop a relationship with you.

We would also take a look at different sectors of the society be it the news in a funny way, politics, entertainment, sports, fiction to cast our minds away from the real world and a whole lot more fashion and style in the midst of many other issues.

One thought on “About”

  1. Relationship is one of the integral part of human living any Relationship we are in can either Mark or Mar Us,So it is Important we chose our relationship properly,….Next Time Pals

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