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Happy Independence Day Nigeria!

Happy Independence day Nigeria.

Today we are 55 years  and we look forward to a new start and fresh beginnings. You know for the first time in my life I saw a natural rose flower growing on the soil. I inhaled its’ fragrance and I was surprised to notice that it smelt like any other flower. I studied its’ greens leaves and it’s thorns. It was really lovely and I was glad I spotted the rose flower. It reminded me so much of Nigeria. We are a beautiful Nation just like the rose flower. Our talent and intelligence is deep just as the rose is deep red. But our problems are like that of the thorns that surrounds the rose.

It therefore takes insight to see the potentials that we have as a Nation, if only we all agree to work together for a better Nigeria.

Let us all ponder on this. Shall we?


Most of it was a blur to me.
“Zara, can you hear me?”
My eyelid fluttered. I did not want to be disturbed from my peaceful sleep. And for once, I did not feel the urge or pressure to sleep sideways. I enjoy sleeping face up before the pregnancy. But the sounds continued and it made me uneasy in my dreams. For in my dream I was floating in a flowing river. It felt really good. For once I appreciated the water beneath my skin, the green grass by the side of the river and the sounds of the birds chirping away.
“Zara, Zara, I will not lose you. Wake up, can you hear me? I love you too much to lose…” I was shooked  with a violent force.
The force woke up to a sea of faces, mostly unknown faces. They wore sky blue uniforms and some of them wore a white coat over it. They were men and women. Then my face lit up as I recognized just one out of the multitude. He held my hand and I could see tears freely running down his face.
“I thought for a moment that I had lost you”  Daniel  said.
“Ha, come off it. I am alive and I can see that I am still pregnant. How long was I gone for? ” I said to Daniel with a bright smile.
“For a little over an hour, then you blacked out again” he said
“How did you find me?” I asked
“I had a strong feeling that you had contractions this morning but you were too stubborn to admit it. So I decided to work for short hours and bring a midwife home. That’s how I found you on the floor.”

“Mrs. Wilson, I can see that you have regained consciousness. I am Doctor Keith, I will take this miraculous journey of childbirth with you. But first you must know that your water has broken, so we need to induce labour. We have checked and you are only 1cm gone”
Turning to face the hospital staff, Dr Keith said “wheel her to the labour room.”
I couldn’t believe it that I was actually doing this, having my baby. I wondered what the sex would be.
“Give us female children, your husband has no sister and same also with his father’s generation. The last generation that had female children were 4 generations ago. I want your husband to have a daughter and sister. At least let this family receive bride price, have people to come beg for our daughter’s hand in marriage. ” My mother in law said.
I was expressionless that day but I wondered why she took the pain to ask me for a female child, when the whole world knows that it is the man that determines the sex of the child.
“Mrs Wilson, I will insert this ball into your private in order to help you dilute faster.” Dr Keith said jolting me from my thoughts.
I screamed, the pain was raw and blinding.
“There you are, I am through” he said
“Can you stand up? Try to walk normal. He pulled the wheel chair and Daniel assisted in putting me back without any incident.

I shared the room with one other pregnant woman. She claimed to be in labour but I doubted her. She was singing and dancing. She made about 50 phone calls to tell family and friends that she was in labour. She took selfies each time she was done with a call.
Yes! I knew because I counted it all, for there was no way to kill the pain of the ball than to count.
Each time a hospital staff entered the room, the woman would scream “my waist o! My back o! Rub it rub it! Yes! Yesssss! I am sure the baby head is coming out. Take me to the labour room. Take me!”

I had gotten tired of her pretence, so I distracted myself with a book.
At the 3rd hour, a Nurse came to me, she noticed the ball had dropped and wheeled me off again to the labour room.
I was given a drip, I learnt it was called the hot drip. It made me to wish I was dead. It almost took my sanity then I heard
I panted after the first try. “I want to poo and vomit” I said

“Do it here” said the midwife.

She thought I was being un serious. She dock her head close to my private and said “push”
At that moment I vomited on the floor and pooed on her face at the same time. I was embarrassed but I felt better.

The midwife was furious but she could not do anything about it. I could see a large frown had spread across her face…



And there was a standing Ovation for Saraki ….

Yes! That is what I call it. A standing ovation at the National Assembly which began its session today after six weeks of recess. A vote of confidence was passed today by the Senate on SP Dr. Bukola Saraki and DSP Ike Ekweremadu and all other principal members of the National Assembly. Dr Saraki gave his welcome speech and the business at the house began as usual.

But lets go back to the basics here, will the vote of confidence passed by the Senate prevent or stop the Code of Conduct Tribunal from continuing with its case against the Senate President? I doubt that! The 13 count charge is still very much alive and come 21, 22 and 23 of October 2015 the headlines shall continue with this piece of news.

I admire the solidarity and support that has been shown the Senate President so far by his fellow Senators and different groups and movements but all of this in my opinion cannot save the embattled Senate President except if the Code of Conduct Tribunal chooses to squash the 13 count charge against him.

Will that ever happen? This is Nigeria where impossibility hardly ever exists and even if the possibility of squashing the charges is one in a billion but it is worth mentioning.

The vote of confidence cannot wish away the 13 count charge or the perception of most elite Nigerians that most of the Politicians at the hem of affairs have one or two skeletons in their cupboard. The Elite Nigerians are of the view that justice must be done.

Back to our imagined conspiracy theory, if APC is witch hunting SP Saraki, then it means the question to be asked is “To what end?” Because assuming Dr. Saraki is removed as the Senate President, PDP will take over as the Senate President in the person of Ike Ekweremadu. So to what end will that be for APC?

Well, we shall all continue to watch as the drama unfolds… As the days go by and hours pass by.



I came across a very touching picture… It said “A real man must choose to honour, respect…”

You can read the rest above. Are they real men out there? Its left for the women to assess their men and come up with the results. So whoever thought that in the institution of marriage there was no exams and assessments must be joking. For they are even carry over courses in love, honour, respect, adoration and faithfulness. There are even drop-outs in the Institution of Marriage. You can flunk the marriage.

All men can be real men because it is a choice. Some men would argue that they were not brought up that way, so they cannot adore a woman. They should know this then, a woman brought you to this world and a woman makes your life easier. It’s either you shape in or ship out. For there is no kingdom without a King and his Queen. No family without a wife and a mother.

So, guys what are you waiting for? Man up.


And there we were at the Church…

Today’s message is all about love. When I was hungry you gave me to eat. When I was thirsty you gave me to drink. I just recently read a message from his Holiness Pop Francis. And I couldn’t help but have mixed feelings. However upon ripping myself of my religious emotions, I saw great meaning in his words. He said ” The notion of God is outdated” Yea!sounded weird right?

Keep on reading… and you get uneasy…

Although I am yet to ascertain the veracity of the statement… but what remains apt is the last sentence where he said ” so many  people have done lots of evil in the name of the church”.

And there we were in church on Sunday.  Most of us are shells, because our minds wander away …. to a different place. However, the satisfaction that we were in church on Sunday is what keeps us going. We step out with a satisfied smile but our souls are hungry , thirsty looking for the word of God.

Then there is that group of people who sees going to church as obligatory and not necessarily the essence of fellow shipping with others. There are the other group of people who are in church to keep up appearances that they are Christians.

Christianity is in the heart and in the soul, it is  in our acts of love and kindness and not in church going. For there we were on Sunday in the church yet we are not in sync with God’s words.

Let us mediate on it.




News in a flash

Hi guys! Today we take a look at some of the news that have made the round in the past 5 working days and all other stories that are news worthy.

About 200 Boko Haram Fighters Surrender: For real? Lets hope that this will bring the battle to an end, once and for all.

Saraki laments death of Hajj victims:May their souls rest in peace. But seriously? Thought he had more pressing issues to lament on.

Video of Saraki being humilated at the praying ground : Apparently Nigerians now know that stealing is corruption.

Hoodlums disguised as worshippers throw sachet water, stone at Saraki and others : Unbelievable that people can actually call the fellow worshippers hoodlums. Did they watch the video clip making rounds?

I made 6 million as a fake Lawyer: And the real Lawyers out there are struggling to make ends meet. Chai!

Jonathan gave it all as Jesus Christ did- Fayose: Indeed!


Remember the song, Ladies Night by Kool and the Gang ? and the lyrics it’s a ladies night and the feeling’s right….

The lyrics played in my head tonight and I remembered my fellow ladies out there who are having a Friday night out. I could imagine them wearing those lovely evening dresses and what’s a dress without a smashing footwear?

Yes! High heels most preferably.  It has always been in vogue and will always be in vogue. It can be traced back in history to the 9th century. Elizabeth Semmelhack states that high heels was shown on a 9th century Persian bowl  and the earliest recorded instance of men and women wearing high heel shoes were  the Persian horse  riders.

High heels makes a lady look sleek, elegant, sexy, gorgeous and tall. Nonetheless, it has its disadvantages, the hidden costs of wearing that shoe for hours as we party the night away cannot be overemphasized.

Experts have again stated the dangers of wearing high heels for hours. Such dangers ranges from irreversible damage to leg tendon, hammer toes, the back and knee can also be affected from wearing high heels. The higher the heels the more the pressure is on the ball of the foot. The list is endless, there is ingrown toenails, the danger of falling and  sprained ankles etc.

And with every problem, there is a solution. So ladies fear not, you can still be trendy and fashionable but apply wisdom and caution in rocking that sexy heels of yours. First of all, if you wore heels to the office and you are out tonight, please wear flats “smiles” Ok. I was just joking. But on a serious note, do not wear heels for very long hours. Cut down on the number of hours you wear that heel. And if you cannot do that, wear comfortable heels, by that I mean do not wear very high heels. Averagely high works just fine. You will still look fine and sexy.

Finally massage your feet once you take that heels off.


Sports : The unexpected happenings

Barclay’s Premier League

This is a season of surprises at the Barclay’s Premier League as no one would have imagined the defending Champions Chelsea to be spiraled down to the 15th position on the league table. Whilst it comes as no surprise that Manchester city is topping table, we are shocked to see West Ham and Leicester following behind in the 3rd and 4th position respectively. Then again, a big cheer goes for Manchester United who seems to have finally found their feet in the 2nd position on the table after the David Moyes pilgrim.

Nonetheless, uncertainty still looms in the air as the season has only just begun and in football nothing is impossible. Can Manchester United maintain its position? and will Chelsea fight for the 1st four positions before the end of the season? Only time will tell…

capital One Cup

Congratulations to Arsenal, Norwich City, Chelsea, Southampton, Crystal Palace for moving on to Round 4.

Below are the fixtures:

Manchester City v Crystal Palace
Liverpool v AFC Bournemouth
Manchester United v Middlesbrough
Everton v Norwich City
Southampton v Aston Villa
Sheffield Wednesday v Arsenal
Hull City v Leicester City
Stoke City v Chelsea


Most Nigerians who often travel overseas to other foreign lands are not unfamiliar with the drilling they have to go through at the immigration point of entry as a result of the mistrust, suspicion and dishonesty that arises by mere virtue of being a Nigerian.

Thus, the saying that Nigerians are bad news or nothing good comes out of Nigeria…

But today and time and again this saying has been disproved by many Nigerians living in diaspora. And that brings me to the 67th Primetime EMMY Awards where one winner held my attention. She first caught my attention when I watched her drama series as I was not only amused by her acting but with the way she portrayed the character “Suzanne Crazy Eyes Warren”