Remember the song, Ladies Night by Kool and the Gang ? and the lyrics it’s a ladies night and the feeling’s right….

The lyrics played in my head tonight and I remembered my fellow ladies out there who are having a Friday night out. I could imagine them wearing those lovely evening dresses and what’s a dress without a smashing footwear?

Yes! High heels most preferably.  It has always been in vogue and will always be in vogue. It can be traced back in history to the 9th century. Elizabeth Semmelhack states that high heels was shown on a 9th century Persian bowl  and the earliest recorded instance of men and women wearing high heel shoes were  the Persian horse  riders.

High heels makes a lady look sleek, elegant, sexy, gorgeous and tall. Nonetheless, it has its disadvantages, the hidden costs of wearing that shoe for hours as we party the night away cannot be overemphasized.

Experts have again stated the dangers of wearing high heels for hours. Such dangers ranges from irreversible damage to leg tendon, hammer toes, the back and knee can also be affected from wearing high heels. The higher the heels the more the pressure is on the ball of the foot. The list is endless, there is ingrown toenails, the danger of falling and  sprained ankles etc.

And with every problem, there is a solution. So ladies fear not, you can still be trendy and fashionable but apply wisdom and caution in rocking that sexy heels of yours. First of all, if you wore heels to the office and you are out tonight, please wear flats “smiles” Ok. I was just joking. But on a serious note, do not wear heels for very long hours. Cut down on the number of hours you wear that heel. And if you cannot do that, wear comfortable heels, by that I mean do not wear very high heels. Averagely high works just fine. You will still look fine and sexy.

Finally massage your feet once you take that heels off.



Sports : The unexpected happenings

Barclay’s Premier League

This is a season of surprises at the Barclay’s Premier League as no one would have imagined the defending Champions Chelsea to be spiraled down to the 15th position on the league table. Whilst it comes as no surprise that Manchester city is topping table, we are shocked to see West Ham and Leicester following behind in the 3rd and 4th position respectively. Then again, a big cheer goes for Manchester United who seems to have finally found their feet in the 2nd position on the table after the David Moyes pilgrim.

Nonetheless, uncertainty still looms in the air as the season has only just begun and in football nothing is impossible. Can Manchester United maintain its position? and will Chelsea fight for the 1st four positions before the end of the season? Only time will tell…

capital One Cup

Congratulations to Arsenal, Norwich City, Chelsea, Southampton, Crystal Palace for moving on to Round 4.

Below are the fixtures:

Manchester City v Crystal Palace
Liverpool v AFC Bournemouth
Manchester United v Middlesbrough
Everton v Norwich City
Southampton v Aston Villa
Sheffield Wednesday v Arsenal
Hull City v Leicester City
Stoke City v Chelsea


Most Nigerians who often travel overseas to other foreign lands are not unfamiliar with the drilling they have to go through at the immigration point of entry as a result of the mistrust, suspicion and dishonesty that arises by mere virtue of being a Nigerian.

Thus, the saying that Nigerians are bad news or nothing good comes out of Nigeria…

But today and time and again this saying has been disproved by many Nigerians living in diaspora. And that brings me to the 67th Primetime EMMY Awards where one winner held my attention. She first caught my attention when I watched her drama series as I was not only amused by her acting but with the way she portrayed the character “Suzanne Crazy Eyes Warren”



It all started with my desire to be independent when I was a teenager, that was 15 years ago. And 15years later, I am wondering why I made that decision. Although I know in my inner most being that it’s because I saw my Mom depend on my Dad for everything and it did not work out fine for her. Now I am an extremist in independency and that has not worked out fine for me either. Continue reading Fiction Wednesday: THE DIARY OF A HUSTLING MOTHER EPISODE 1 : I CAN DO IT BY MYSELF

A little about Dr Bukola Saraki – The Senate President

While we all waited, the proceedings at the Code of Conduct Tribunal took an unexpected turn as Dr. Bukola Saraki did not only make an appearance but was granted bail on self recognition. Anyways, his conduct at the dock was catchy as he gave a sermon of some sorts before he finally pleaded not guilty.

Thereafter, he released a statement which incorporated his sermon of some sorts that “he was only been persecuted for the asset declaration form he filled 12years ago because he is the Senate President.”

For those of us who do not really know the man called Dr. Bukola Saraki, a little about him could be helpful here.

He was born 19 December 1962 into a seasoned family of Politicians or into a Political family because his father Olusola Saraki was not just a Politician but a successful one having been a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria from 1979 to 1983. Little wonder that Dr. Bukola Saraki followed in his path notwithstanding his medical training. He is married to Toyin Saraki and the union is blessed with four children.

It therefore comes as a rude shock when Dr Saraki mouthed the words that he is being hounded, having served in various leadership position as a Politician. He should know better that skeletons in one’s cupboard can always be used advantageously by political enemies. So why did he give his enemies that opportunity? That’s a question only him can answer.

There are whispers in the air that he intends running for Presidency in 2019.  But this seems to be a new era in Nigeria where mere perception of corruption rubs a Politician of the highest seat of power. There’s the case of Former Vice President of Nigeria Atiku Abubukar who has unsuccessful attempt to become the President of Nigeria can be attributed to the perception of corruption.

While Dr. Saraki has achieved a lot positively while serving in different capacity such as the Governor of Kwara State( 2003- 2011) and Chairman of the Governor’s forum amongst others. He has also achieved a lot negatively as he is the first sitting Senate President to be issued with two warrants of arrest and also to be arraigned before the Code of Conduct Tribunal on a 13 count charge invloving allegations of false asset declaration. He was purported to have declared owning an asset in 2003 which he bought in 2006. The matter has been adjourned to 21 October 2015.

We shall keep you updated on the Saraki Saga.



For those of us that love politics and have been following the news closely, we are patiently waiting for the outcome of the proceedings of the Code of Conduct Tribunal on allegation of corruption levelled against the Nigerian Senate President Bukola Saraki.

Today is a very special day as we await to see if the Nigerian Senate President Bukola Saraki would show up at the Tribunal or if he will be forced to make an appearance.

The recent happenings in the Nigeria polity has once again brought into limelight Senator Bukola Saraki.

We would all recall that at the beginning of this administration the first drama that erupted was during the first sitting of the National Assembly, where it was alleged that Bukola Saraki engaged a superior form of game to win the election without the blessings of his political party (APC ) to emerge as the President of the Senate.

To people not interested in politics, this act of Bukola Saraki was waved aside and to others very much interested in Politics, they read meaning into his action and with that came the consequences.

Bukola Saraki was perceived to be an underdog fighting “the powers that be.”   He was seen as struggling to upturn the norm both in his political party where candidates for a particular post are unanimously selected.  This gave hope to people who clamoured for change, but then again they might be wrong as he has featured in the news for the umpteenth time. This time not for allegations of sharing alliance with PDP or for dual citizenship but for false declaration of assets.

The One Billion Naira question then is, can he wriggle his way out of this one? His Lawyers are trying to get him out but so far have recorded no success.  At  the very least the Court of Appeal has thrown out their application for stay of proceedings at the Code of Conduct Tribunal and to set aside the warrant of  arrest issued by the Tribuanl against Saraki for failing to honour it’s  invitation.  Then gripped by their failure to save Saraki from the docks, his team of lawyers went on to challenge  the composition of the Code of Conduct Tribunal. They argued that the Code of Conduct Act states for 3 members of the panel to sit before it can be considered as properly constituted, and since only two members were sitting it was not properly constituted. The Chairman of the Tribunal Justice Danladi Umar skillfully dismissed that protest by stating that two members can form a quorum based on the Interpretation Act.

One important point we all should not forget is the “Almighty Conspiracy  Unspoken Theory” that Saraki has not been forgiven by the powers that be for pulling a fast one in becoming the Senate President. Whilst President Mohammed Buhari has distanced himself from the Code of Conduct Tribunal saga, one cannot help but wonder if Saraki is just been taught a lesson… not by the President of the Republic of Nigeria but by the godfathers of APC.

NEWS: At the time of posting this piece, everyone is anticipating the appearance of Bukola Saraki at the Code of Conduct Tribunal by 10am.

Religious Monday: Food For Thought : WHY DID WE GO TO CHURCH ON SUNDAY ?


We are most likely having tea or coffee or lunch break right now or staring at our computer screen or chatting with our colleagues at work.  Maybe we are  loathing that next meeting we must attend or even reliving that special date we had last night with little or no regard for the church service or mass we attended yesterday. I bet we cannot even remember what was preached except  if we were the Preacher or the Preacher’s wife.  And this brings me to my thoughts which I dare speak aloud.  Why did we go to church yesterday?  Was it to show case our best Sunday wears which we have been saving for this occasion?  Was it to take a peep at that sexy lady which we have been fantasizing about? Or to put up an appearance that we are holy and deserving of heaven.

Why exactly did we  go to church on Sunday? I know a couple of guys who sees nothing wrong in missing a church service on Sunday especially when their spirit is unwilling. They feel is a total waste of time if they do not concentrate or praise God in truth and in spirit.

Is it better to go to church and fiddle with our phones or discuss all through the service without hearing a thing or two about God’s word? Or can we just stay home and fellowship together in truth and in spirit.

Our honest comments and opinions on this would be appreciated….


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