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A little about Dr Bukola Saraki – The Senate President

While we all waited, the proceedings at the Code of Conduct Tribunal took an unexpected turn as Dr. Bukola Saraki did not only make an appearance but was granted bail on self recognition. Anyways, his conduct at the dock was catchy as he gave a sermon of some sorts before he finally pleaded not guilty.

Thereafter, he released a statement which incorporated his sermon of some sorts that “he was only been persecuted for the asset declaration form he filled 12years ago because he is the Senate President.”

For those of us who do not really know the man called Dr. Bukola Saraki, a little about him could be helpful here.

He was born 19 December 1962 into a seasoned family of Politicians or into a Political family because his father Olusola Saraki was not just a Politician but a successful one having been a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria from 1979 to 1983. Little wonder that Dr. Bukola Saraki followed in his path notwithstanding his medical training. He is married to Toyin Saraki and the union is blessed with four children.

It therefore comes as a rude shock when Dr Saraki mouthed the words that he is being hounded, having served in various leadership position as a Politician. He should know better that skeletons in one’s cupboard can always be used advantageously by political enemies. So why did he give his enemies that opportunity? That’s a question only him can answer.

There are whispers in the air that he intends running for Presidency in 2019.  But this seems to be a new era in Nigeria where mere perception of corruption rubs a Politician of the highest seat of power. There’s the case of Former Vice President of Nigeria Atiku Abubukar who has unsuccessful attempt to become the President of Nigeria can be attributed to the perception of corruption.

While Dr. Saraki has achieved a lot positively while serving in different capacity such as the Governor of Kwara State( 2003- 2011) and Chairman of the Governor’s forum amongst others. He has also achieved a lot negatively as he is the first sitting Senate President to be issued with two warrants of arrest and also to be arraigned before the Code of Conduct Tribunal on a 13 count charge invloving allegations of false asset declaration. He was purported to have declared owning an asset in 2003 which he bought in 2006. The matter has been adjourned to 21 October 2015.

We shall keep you updated on the Saraki Saga.