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To cheat or not to cheat: Cheating spouses in relationships ( cont’d)

If you just found out that your spouse of many years is cheating, has been cheating or has cheated on you, what would you do? I guess you might for one tiny moment contemplate revenging by being confrontational, by letting the other party know you are aware or by even cheating on your spouse and telling them you did same. However, upon seeing the expression on their face, we wish we never took that route, we would wish we never took that approach.

My candid opinion remains; we should deal with our pain and disappointments we should never hide in that shell of cheating, eating excessively, being violent, being nasty, etc. Or the guilt trip route, wondering what we did wrong that made the other person found solace in the arms of another man or woman. Frankly, some spouses cheat even when their partner has never attempted to make them cheat by acting in a particular way.

We should  learn to appreciate ourselves for who we are even when strive to improve upon ourselves, because some people have the tendency to cheat no matter what type of beautiful relationship they find themselves in, you won’t believe this but some men or women have cheated on their spouses all their lives. This is not because they do not love their spouse, but because they are not strong enough to resist the lure of having sex outside their relationship.

Some spouses cheat to make themselves better, they cheat to boost their ego, they cheat to be appreciated they cheat because they want to be desired by another person, they cheat because they are no longer attracted to their spouse, they cheat because they feel the new person is much better than their previous spouse, they cheat because they want to have it all. At this point I must state it emphatically and categorically that I am not justifying cheating or condoning cheating, all I am trying to do is give us an insight as to why spouses cheat. It is complicated and complex to proffer all the reasons why spouses cheat in relationships, but this are some of the basic reasons. As the saying go different strokes for different folks.  To be candid, we should learn to appreciate and know ourselves better, this would reduce that tendency to cheat and make us faithful come what may, relationships are meant to be worked on, and if you can’t have a good relationship with yourself, it is extremely difficult to have a good relationship with others.