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Relationship with your parents: Having an ideal relationship with your father

It is pertinent to give you an insight into an ideal relationship that you can develop with your father and a father with his child. An ideal relationship with your father starts with you being friends with him in that case it’s impossible for you to hide your emotions because you are free to express your feelings and it affords your father the opportunity to know more about you and the other way round for you as well. As friends, you still respect your father as ‘your father’ and you can still tell him about those plans you intend to execute, you are offered the opportunity of obtaining his advice and support not necessarily approval. As friends you can look up to your father as a role model and know why he took certain actions in his youthful days. The benefits of being friends with your father is enormous as you cultivate a special type of relationship with your father which does not lose the essence of his responsibility as a father in your life but opens the gateway for achieving same.
As for Fathers who sexually abuse their children, go get help and stop destroying the future of your child in the name of culture, tradition or in the name of madness.
And as for children, who find it difficult to have a meaningful conversation with your parents without hauling insults at them, remember the biblical command and get the blessing of living to a ripe old age.