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And there we were at the Church…

Today’s message is all about love. When I was hungry you gave me to eat. When I was thirsty you gave me to drink. I just recently read a message from his Holiness Pop Francis. And I couldn’t help but have mixed feelings. However upon ripping myself of my religious emotions, I saw great meaning in his words. He said ” The notion of God is outdated” Yea!sounded weird right?

Keep on reading… and you get uneasy…

Although I am yet to ascertain the veracity of the statement… but what remains apt is the last sentence where he said ” so many  people have done lots of evil in the name of the church”.

And there we were in church on Sunday.  Most of us are shells, because our minds wander away …. to a different place. However, the satisfaction that we were in church on Sunday is what keeps us going. We step out with a satisfied smile but our souls are hungry , thirsty looking for the word of God.

Then there is that group of people who sees going to church as obligatory and not necessarily the essence of fellow shipping with others. There are the other group of people who are in church to keep up appearances that they are Christians.

Christianity is in the heart and in the soul, it is  in our acts of love and kindness and not in church going. For there we were on Sunday in the church yet we are not in sync with God’s words.

Let us mediate on it.




Religious Monday: Food For Thought : WHY DID WE GO TO CHURCH ON SUNDAY ?


We are most likely having tea or coffee or lunch break right now or staring at our computer screen or chatting with our colleagues at work.  Maybe we are  loathing that next meeting we must attend or even reliving that special date we had last night with little or no regard for the church service or mass we attended yesterday. I bet we cannot even remember what was preached except  if we were the Preacher or the Preacher’s wife.  And this brings me to my thoughts which I dare speak aloud.  Why did we go to church yesterday?  Was it to show case our best Sunday wears which we have been saving for this occasion?  Was it to take a peep at that sexy lady which we have been fantasizing about? Or to put up an appearance that we are holy and deserving of heaven.

Why exactly did we  go to church on Sunday? I know a couple of guys who sees nothing wrong in missing a church service on Sunday especially when their spirit is unwilling. They feel is a total waste of time if they do not concentrate or praise God in truth and in spirit.

Is it better to go to church and fiddle with our phones or discuss all through the service without hearing a thing or two about God’s word? Or can we just stay home and fellowship together in truth and in spirit.

Our honest comments and opinions on this would be appreciated….