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Remember the song, Ladies Night by Kool and the Gang ? and the lyrics it’s a ladies night and the feeling’s right….

The lyrics played in my head tonight and I remembered my fellow ladies out there who are having a Friday night out. I could imagine them wearing those lovely evening dresses and what’s a dress without a smashing footwear?

Yes! High heels most preferably.  It has always been in vogue and will always be in vogue. It can be traced back in history to the 9th century. Elizabeth Semmelhack states that high heels was shown on a 9th century Persian bowl  and the earliest recorded instance of men and women wearing high heel shoes were  the Persian horse  riders.

High heels makes a lady look sleek, elegant, sexy, gorgeous and tall. Nonetheless, it has its disadvantages, the hidden costs of wearing that shoe for hours as we party the night away cannot be overemphasized.

Experts have again stated the dangers of wearing high heels for hours. Such dangers ranges from irreversible damage to leg tendon, hammer toes, the back and knee can also be affected from wearing high heels. The higher the heels the more the pressure is on the ball of the foot. The list is endless, there is ingrown toenails, the danger of falling and  sprained ankles etc.

And with every problem, there is a solution. So ladies fear not, you can still be trendy and fashionable but apply wisdom and caution in rocking that sexy heels of yours. First of all, if you wore heels to the office and you are out tonight, please wear flats “smiles” Ok. I was just joking. But on a serious note, do not wear heels for very long hours. Cut down on the number of hours you wear that heel. And if you cannot do that, wear comfortable heels, by that I mean do not wear very high heels. Averagely high works just fine. You will still look fine and sexy.

Finally massage your feet once you take that heels off.


Special gift : The valentine festival


There’s  the new thought and word in town that many men such as Romeo, Jack and even Jesus died for love, but no woman has ever died for love. Infact, they said that if women can’t give at least 10 names of women who died for love, then they wont be entitled to a valentine gift. Hilarious I must confess, does it mean that most Nigerian single  guys are trying very hard to avoid giving their lovers a valentine gift. Some guys have confided in me that the major reason why single guys are crying “murder” lies in the fact that  they have more than one lover. So, imagine duplicating the expensive gifts for about two or three women. Wow! Terribly and bloody expensive to maintain two women during valentine’s day. My humble opinion is you should stick to one woman. I know the guys out there are saying “what about  women who have more than one man” It is also insanely costly for women to maintain two men, imagine those women  sharing their body with two men on the same day such as  having intercourse in the evening with both men, the complication of lying and the risk of being caught by the other. And as for the married ones amongst us, am not sure buying a gift should make you agitated as long as you are married to one wife and I mean one wife in every sense of the word. Not one wife and a concubine and  not one wife and three concubines. *wink*

Anyways, as we are approaching February 14th , I believe it is time to look at the possible gifts to get for our spouse. In my opinion, appreciation of your spouse is key on February 14th. the value of the gift does not matter as much as the thought that was poured into  buying the gift, the manner of presenting the gift also matters a lot. As for the men, know it today that women love surprises and they love romance. Wrap the gift up in style and romance, send the package to her office or classroom if she is in the University. Surprises and romance  spices the celebration of love on that day set aside to celebrate love. It’s a day to exchange gifts and do things that would make the other spouse to smile.  It is not a day to demand for your rights as a spouse but a day to accommodate the excesses of each other.  Below are some suggestions on gifts to buy:


This gift is just one out many that can be selected by you for your spouse depending on his or her preference. Some people do not drink tea or coffee, hence this gift is completely off the picture  for them in that case you can buy him  a wristwatch, an mp3 player, an iPad, a digital bible key chain,  customized boxers,designer perfume,  a shoe, laptop skin, a pair of designer shirt, necktie  and trousers as well as belt all in one set if you do have the money to spend and the list goes on and on. As for what to buy for the ladies..mmmm..well…well… we all know a pair of gold earrings, bracelet, necklace, wristwatch, designer perfume,  a personalized mug will also be appreciated if she drinks tea. I won’t exhaust the list today. By tomorrow I shall categorize the gifts to buy and the category will depend on the amount of money you can afford to spend on buying a gift. So watch out  for a longer list tomorrow.

Cheers Amigos!

To be continued…

The question men ought to answer: Can you marry a woman who already has a child for another man?




I must apologize for the long silence and I must confess that in my moment of silence when I failed to write I felt guilty and awful. I love writing and it aches me to always pass by an opportunity to voice out my opinion on a particular topic. But you see life is not fair and just like you I also have to work for a living and when that work becomes more stressful, I but for a brief moment forget about my precious blog. I hope you guys can understand, for I never run out of topics to discuss but I run out of time to write them.

One striking topic that has nagged me for months stemmed from a discussion I had with a friend, although the topic became clearer after that discussion I have always wondered why men make so much fuss about a woman who already has a child. Most Nigerian men cannot marry a woman who has bore a child outside wedlock. They usually refer to these women as “after one” or “tokunbo” (it means fairly used in local parlance). I discussed with my friend on this concept and it would amaze you that he does not mind marrying a woman who already has a child outside wedlock. We reasoned together that such women are much better because we can see the consequences of their mistakes. What of those women or ladies out there who has had uncountable number of abortions in order to protect their reputation and it turns out… Well, I leave the conclusion to your imaginations without provoking you to be judgmental. In Mozambique it is very common for women to have children outside wedlock and still get married to another man other than the father of their children. The best part of it is that the men do not feel bad that they are marrying a woman with children even though they don’t have children of their own before marrying such a woman. To my mind’s eye I see the answer to this question in personality and not in what a woman has done or in the number of children the woman had for another man. But I am not a man and I may not know exactly how other men reason on this issue, so I guess this is a question which must be answered by each man.


Traditional marriage vs. Church marriage: The best option (Part 1)

I have a secret, I don’t like attending weddings, I don’t know why, I prefer seeing a movie or going to the beach to attending weddings. But there comes a time in every girl’s life where she has to attend weddings and the likes, I guess that time came in my life in the month of June. This is due to the fact that I had the opportunity to attend four weddings in a roll and in one month. So, it is official that I attended four weddings in four weeks, thus the month of June must be truly special.
People that dislike attending weddings like myself believe weddings are tiring, hectic and stressful. I totally agree but my attendance at the four weddings/traditional marriages gave me the time to ponder over weddings in Nigeria. In Nigeria, like in every other African country we have our culture and tradition and this can be easily seen in our way of life. Marriage is not left out when it comes to tradition, infact there are countless ways of getting married to a Nigerian girl depending on her ethnic group, but beyond this is the culture we inherited from our colonial masters called church wedding and/or marriage under the Act.
This form of marriage never existed during the era of our ancestors who were free men and lived their lives in accordance with their traditions. Presently, in the 21st century it becomes pertinent to ask: which type of marriage is the preferred mode of getting married in this generation? I know as a fact that some people prefer to get married in accordance with the culture of their people, in accordance with the English law and in the presence of God as well.

While every young couple desires to get married in the traditional way as well as get married in accordance with their religion, not everybody can afford it. As we all know getting married to a woman in Nigeria entails expenses and the expenses incurred by the man becomes even more if she is from the eastern states. Certain eastern states are famous for exuberant bride prices; sometimes the bride price involves buying food items and drinks for all the members of the girl’s village. Imagine being faced with this enormous task as a guy to buy food stuffs and drinks for virtually all groups ranging from the umunna*, umunne*, umuada* and the youths of the village as well as the parents of your bride. It gives the impression that you are getting married to the village. Anyways, that’s the beauty of Nigeria which is rich in culture and tradition. Now, after paying the bride price and performing the traditional ceremony, in the eyes of the girl’s family, you have married their daughter and she is free to live with you. The girl’s family cherishes the traditional marriage because it signifies that the girl has been rightly given out by her family to the man’s family. The girl on her part depending on her religion cherishes the church wedding where she is at liberty to show off her wedding dress and shoes and all other accessories.

Why relationships with our partners fall apart (Part 1)

Sometimes we could meet that special person in a very romantic place, just like in the cinema, in the beach or sometimes we can meet that person in the heat of the day, when we are all stressed and tired of life’s struggles. It could be in a bus, molue, or when we are even struggling to get attended to in a local food restaurant. Ha! That one bad sha! Imagine eating that hot amala and ewedu and he comes to sit beside you with his rice and moi moi feeling superior or feeling western while you feel terrible. Yeah! We can meet that special person in all works of life, anywhere and everywhere. And when we finally strike that connection, what do we do to keep it? Basically, this section will focus on the ladies while the second part of the section will focus on guys.
Ladies, he struggled to get your attention, he was calling you day and night so that you could give him a chance, he chased after you under the rain and even under the scorching sun. So, now that he is dating you, why has he suddenly lost interest? To answer this, lots of factors are involved. First, it could be that he is not the one for you, but what if he is the one for you? But he is turned off by your overbearing attitude? Or now that he knows you better he realizes that you are not as good as you looked from a distance? Don’t get me wrong! The looking good factor has to do with your conduct, your appearance, are you a dirty girl? Who does not know when to have a bath or wash your body? Do you use an under wear for days without washing it? do you have body odour and fail to realize that you do? Or simply ignore to control it? Do you have irritating habits that he has complained of time and again to no avail? It is endless….

Guys, am I right?
Does the above turn you off?
Ladies for the sake of keeping your relationships make an effort at being neat, develop the habit of paying special attention to your under wears. Endeavor to use strong deodorants and wear strong perfumes if you do have body odour. We know its not your fault but you can make it bearable.
How about your mouth? Ensure you pay special attention to your teeth. You could say that once a man loves you he does not care about your appearance and looks, but that’s not true. BEWARE: ‘Men are attracted by what they see and women are attracted by what they hear’
As a woman looking good is not just good business, its also serious business. Don’t be known as that woman who he would describe to people as I love her but…..

Make sure you eradicate factors that can make your man change his mind about popping that question. Strive to be a better woman and do not hesitate to take corrections.