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I came across a very touching picture… It said “A real man must choose to honour, respect…”

You can read the rest above. Are they real men out there? Its left for the women to assess their men and come up with the results. So whoever thought that in the institution of marriage there was no exams and assessments must be joking. For they are even carry over courses in love, honour, respect, adoration and faithfulness. There are even drop-outs in the Institution of Marriage. You can flunk the marriage.

All men can be real men because it is a choice. Some men would argue that they were not brought up that way, so they cannot adore a woman. They should know this then, a woman brought you to this world and a woman makes your life easier. It’s either you shape in or ship out. For there is no kingdom without a King and his Queen. No family without a wife and a mother.

So, guys what are you waiting for? Man up.


What do men really want?

Imagine dating a man who would give you virtually everything ranging from money, to physical pleasure and only desires one thing from you. What do men really want is a question that has bugged me for a while now. A male friend of mine, always updates his display message on his Black berry messenger, that all he wants is to “make money, make babies, make love and make heaven”.

The question of what do men really want all came out clearly when my sister asked me to read a novel titled Fifty Shades of Grey by EL James. You see she wanted my opinion on the book, then like a dutiful sister I gladly started reading the book but to my utmost horror, the book has twisted characters or that’s how I saw it. And when my dearest sister asked me if I would read the Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed, I screamed NO in mock horror with a shouty capital NO. She asked me to wait a bit before I start the second part, but my NO convinced her that I don’t want to continue with the torture. However, to my utmost dismay after reading the Fifty Shades of Grey, I told her that I would love to read the other two parts. You see the book is a trilogy and it is quite an interesting read make no mistake about that. However, the characters are twisted especially Mr. Grey.  It made me brood over what men really want, how a man so handsome to behold and wealthy beyond comprehension derive sexual pleasure from inflicting physical pain on a woman. Am certain desperate women would not mind the physical pain as long as he showers her with gifts and carter for her needs. Please know that it’s all fiction, however a part of me believes that it happens in reality.

The story line involves a virgin who met a billionaire who was ready to give her anything but she must be submissive to him in forbidden ways.  It goes back to my first imagination of a lady dating a man who is extremely wealthy and can afford to buy her English breakfast in London, lunch in Paris and dinner in New York. A man who is willing to close down shops just because the lady intends to go shopping. A man who is wealthy enough to buy her exotic cars and houses at her choice location merely for the fact that it brings a smile to her face. However, all the man wants in return is the ability to inflict pain on her for his sexual gratification. Who knows some ladies would be more than happy with that arrangement. They care not if the man has any sort of emotions for them other than the ability to have them under control.

To be continued…

Fairy Tale Romance v. Real Tale Romance

Love is in the air, I can smell it and I can almost feel it but am not there yet, ha maybe it’s the weather and if you like call me an incurable romantic, but I have always fantasized on a lot of things. Love has not been left out in my fantasies as my imagination can be very wide and I am certain I am not alone in my imaginations as we all have dreams on the type of person we would want to date or get married to. It has always been referred to as “our dream man or dream woman or prince charming, or the knight in shining armor or the princess or the perfect woman.

I shall focus on men in this segment while the second segment shall focus on women. Now, before I start writing on and on about men, it would interest you to know a little bit about me. I am the type of lady who dreams and fantasizes for hours, perhaps it’s a gift as writing comes naturally to me and I heard that great writers have great imaginations, If this is really true then I am on my way to greatness. I have never really had a dull moment with myself as I fill it up with good imaginations of good food, good clothes, the love of God, the injustice in the world (especially Nigeria), poverty in Nigeria and of course love is also not left out in my imaginations, etc. Ok, let’s leave these topics for days to come.

Now, every man has a dream woman or princess or desired woman that they would like to end up with, some men think these women are way above their class due to their educational background, their beauty, their manners etc. Most men I have had the opportunity of having a decent conversation with have expressed their desires on the type of women they want as a girlfriend or as a spouse.  They have given me descriptions in full details ranging from her physical appearance -to most short men – a tall woman is the perfect match for them and to some very dark-skinned men- a fair complexion woman would do the magic –  Some men love their women to have the African stature fats in the right places such as the back sides and the hips as well as the front sides, while other prefer their women to be skinny or slim with some sort of shape – popularly known as the “figure 8” shape. Some men prefer their women to be heavily endowed with massive mounds of flesh in all parts of the body. Now whatever, the taste is, all men have a physical picture of their dream woman in their heads.  Men also have a picture of the character of the woman who they intend to date or wed, most men prefer peaceful women who can be motherly and homely, some men do not really mind as long as the woman is good to them, they don’t mind if she is nasty and cruel to others, some men only prefer their women to be beautiful and they don’t mind if she is not homely.

Now whatever the taste a man has, can this taste be said to only exist in fairy tale romance? Fairy tale romance as we all know are not real as they exist just in our imaginations unusual happiness which does not seem to have an end. Human beings cannot be happy all the time, there are times in our lives when we are filled with sadness, though not for long. There are also times when we have hitches in our relationships, when that special person does not seem special to us any more, when the dream woman becomes a reality and does not look all that nice as we imagined her to be. And so it is for the Nigerian man whom I spotted with an old maybe American or European lady.
To be continued...

Why relationships with our partners fall apart (Part 2)

Now men why did she suddenly lose interest in you? Why the sudden irritation? Maybe your ‘swag’ is not perfect or you are not just what you made yourself out to be, you are all form and no substance. You borrowed your friend’s car to ask her for a date and you conveniently forgot to mention it to her. You took her to your cousin’s house at Lekki in Lagos and she thought it was yours and you never bothered to correct that impression. Or you are not a neat person, your mouth stinks, your armpits can kill all the fish in the river, you don’t bother about shaving your beards and your English is mixed with ‘s’ in every statement or you simply don’t have a sense of responsibility or you cannot take the initiative even when she looks up to you or you have an over bearing attitude, always trying to lord it over her because you have an inferiority complex problem or you just have low self-esteem. You are afraid of change and would rather stay in one place. You are intimidated by her, so you deliberately stay quiet and pretend it’s alright. No! it is not, women love men that can lead, every woman looks up to her man and no woman (except a dirty one) likes a dirty man.
No woman likes a lazy man who cannot act like a man in every sense of the word. No woman would support a man who she does not believe in.
There it is guys! When she suddenly pulls off, it means you don’t have that swag to keep her or you do have the swag but you just don’t care about how you treat her or you are insensitive to her feelings or you are wealthy enough to hold her attention but have no idea on how to manage your time. Women love attention as much as they love your generosity. A lady who genuinely loves a man is constantly seeking to spend more time with the man. A man without a vision is of no good to a woman and she will eventually dump you when a better man comes her way. Thus, as a man when a woman looses interest it means you are lacking in certain areas. It means you lied about your material wealth and she is very pissed. She rather dates the cousin that owns the house than you the ‘poser’. Why not lay all your cards on the table. So, that she can come to appreciate you for who you are. You can strive to be a better man and put a wide smile on your woman’s face. Do you think they are other reasons why a woman can lose interest in her man?