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The love of a man: Can a man truly love his woman?

The inspiration to write on this topic all started with an Indian movie I saw over the weekend. You know the Bollywood Movie industry is the second biggest movie industry in the world ranking next to Hollywood. I have always admired the Indian movies for one thing, they have a way of showing us what is obtainable in their country because they are deeply rooted in their culture and not even the so-called civilization has managed to separate them from their culture. I love their dresses and as my cousin would say they are so colorful and their women are a beauty to behold. Well, despite the recent happenings in the movie industry where every country is planning to outdo the other. The Indians have somehow managed to stick to their language with subtitle in English so that people like you and I can also enjoy their movies. I was flipping through the TV stations when I stumbled upon this particular Indian movie. I can’t write the name of the movie because it was in Indian and a bit too long.

The story line was perfect and I predicted what would happen in the movie long before it did. You see the story was about a lady who was in love with another man but her dad gave her out in marriage to a completely different man. She was unhappy in her husband’s house until some messenger gave her letters from her lover but her happiness was short-lived when her husband saw the letters and got very upset. However, he loved her dearly and decided to travel with her in search of her lover who was in a different country. His rationale was simple, he said that as her husband he promised her happiness and if her happiness lies in the arms of another man so be it. It was part of his duty to give her happiness.

I will pause here, because I wondered if it were possible in reality for a man to give out what he claims to love so dearly to another man. You know some men have connived with their wives to have intercourse with another man for monetary gains and after that they treat the woman like garbage. The woman fails to understand why the man she sacrificed everything for would treat her that way. I guess I might have the answer to that question, men by their very nature are selfish and they only think of themselves and things that make them happy. However, the love of a man is beyond a man’s happiness, love affects the happiness of others. Love is not selfish or cruel, it is kind and patient. I have always cautioned people when they say “I love you” because it connotes a lot of meanings and it entails a lot of hard work. Can a man love his wife selflessly, can he give her out to someone else in order to give her happiness, can he sacrifice all he has for the woman he loves. Don’t men always think they should reserve a little for themselves?

Back to the movie, the husband of the woman almost lost his life for her, he stayed by her side when she was injured and even when they had no money he was willing to sacrifice all just to make sure she was reunited with her lover. The woman i.e his wife fell in love with him and when she eventually met her lover she told him that she must fulfill her duties to her husband because he taught her how to abide in love.  Yeah Happy ending for her husband, but how many men out there can be like that woman’s husband?

Most men can’t even look their wives in the face once she has hurt them, they rather seek solace in the arms of another woman for physical pleasure that cannot last a life time.  Rather than taking the bold step to win their wife’s love, they would rather stay out late or focus on their games or whatever it is that gives them pleasure.  In reality, is it possible for a man to truly love a woman? Despite the fact that she annoys him? Once a man makes up his mind to love a woman, I know he can tolerate all and everything that she throws his way, of course with the exception of violence.

I believe this is food for thought for all the men out there.