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And there was a standing Ovation for Saraki ….

Yes! That is what I call it. A standing ovation at the National Assembly which began its session today after six weeks of recess. A vote of confidence was passed today by the Senate on SP Dr. Bukola Saraki and DSP Ike Ekweremadu and all other principal members of the National Assembly. Dr Saraki gave his welcome speech and the business at the house began as usual.

But lets go back to the basics here, will the vote of confidence passed by the Senate prevent or stop the Code of Conduct Tribunal from continuing with its case against the Senate President? I doubt that! The 13 count charge is still very much alive and come 21, 22 and 23 of October 2015 the headlines shall continue with this piece of news.

I admire the solidarity and support that has been shown the Senate President so far by his fellow Senators and different groups and movements but all of this in my opinion cannot save the embattled Senate President except if the Code of Conduct Tribunal chooses to squash the 13 count charge against him.

Will that ever happen? This is Nigeria where impossibility hardly ever exists and even if the possibility of squashing the charges is one in a billion but it is worth mentioning.

The vote of confidence cannot wish away the 13 count charge or the perception of most elite Nigerians that most of the Politicians at the hem of affairs have one or two skeletons in their cupboard. The Elite Nigerians are of the view that justice must be done.

Back to our imagined conspiracy theory, if APC is witch hunting SP Saraki, then it means the question to be asked is “To what end?” Because assuming Dr. Saraki is removed as the Senate President, PDP will take over as the Senate President in the person of Ike Ekweremadu. So to what end will that be for APC?

Well, we shall all continue to watch as the drama unfolds… As the days go by and hours pass by.



Most Nigerians who often travel overseas to other foreign lands are not unfamiliar with the drilling they have to go through at the immigration point of entry as a result of the mistrust, suspicion and dishonesty that arises by mere virtue of being a Nigerian.

Thus, the saying that Nigerians are bad news or nothing good comes out of Nigeria…

But today and time and again this saying has been disproved by many Nigerians living in diaspora. And that brings me to the 67th Primetime EMMY Awards where one winner held my attention. She first caught my attention when I watched her drama series as I was not only amused by her acting but with the way she portrayed the character “Suzanne Crazy Eyes Warren”


Affordable gifts : The valentine festival

We are all glad that the Super Eagles  of Nigeria made it to the  AFCON 2013 (African Cup of Nations)  finals, what a relief and the game between Nigeria and Mali was not only entertaining but fantastic. Thumbs up to our boys. And in the international friendly England won Brazil, I guess the Barclay’s premier league  has talented British players as well. A big congratulations once again to Super Eagles perharps our special valentine gift from them to Nigeria would be the Cup of Nations. I can’t wait to rejoice if we do receive such an awesome gift from the Super Eagles. Well done to Stephen Keshi our coach and all the technical team.

Valentine gifts varies depending on the size of our pockets and what we can afford at a particular point in time. We all know that the month of January is the longest month of the year and as a result most of us may not have too much to express our love in the form of expensive gifts. In my opinion, the price of the gift does not matter so much as to the manner in which the gift is presented. A simple valentine card with a N100 or N120 chocolate as the first treat on 14th of February goes a long way to show your devotion to your woman. For instance buy a card  of N400 or less, a bar  chocolate of N100 (Mars)( and if you have more money you can buy more) send same via Courier Service be it Red star Express or EMS or whatever you choose to patronize.( Red star express charges N500 for delivery of packages within Lagos State) send same on 13th of February to be delivered  to her on 14th of February and finally send her a text on the morning of 14th of February. ( With air tel a text cost as low as N4.00) A total of  N1,000 can be spent for this special day and she will love you for it. Especially when you are dating a woman who completely understands when you are not buoyant. Now that is as low as the celebration of love can cost with a coloration of romance in it.

However, where you have the means you can go an extra mile by sending her a valentine cake, cakes and cream should have affordable cakes that can sell for as low as N3,500, have the cake delivered to her office or her class or her hostel or her house address. Buy her a dress, you can get a lovely dress for as low as N3,500, ask her to wear the dress on the evening of 14th February, buy her a nice pair of shoes and ear rings to match the dress as well as a handbag   then take her out  for a romantic dinner at an affordable restaurant. Now here are more suggestions on affordable gifts that you can buy for your woman:

Jewelry – You know how we say that diamond is a woman’s best friend, we also say that diamonds are forever. A diamond signifies that you are ready to be her best friend and you are also ready for commitment.

Picture Frame- Put a picture of  you two to preserve the shared memory and present it as a gift, most women like to reminisce the time spent with their partner. That picture will be a treasured gift to her.

Jewelry Box is another valuable gift especially when she always complains about not having a proper bag to put her jewelries.

A set of shower gel, body cream, hand cream, shampoo and hair conditioner will also  do the trick.  Other gifts which are affordable includes paying for her driving lesson if she has indicated her desire to learn how to drive, buying her a dress, buying her those shoes which she has had her eyes on for so long, hair dryer, lingerie, handbag etc.

However, what is key in buying these gift is that you need to match your woman’s taste or else she will never use the gift.


Dana Plane Crash: Seeking a perfect relationship with our service providers

Special dedication to the victims of the Dana Airplane Crash and  all other persons who lost their lives in the mishap, may you find rest in the bosom of the Lord.

Let’s focus on the recent happenings in our country, Nigeria. Although, I must confess that at this moment in our lives most people are in need of comfort due to the recent disaster. Yes, the Dana Airplane Crash, flight 9J-922! I was so tired on the evening of Sunday, the 3rd of June 2012 due to the flurry of activities I had lined up for the day.  My spirit was willing but my body was weak, however, in between activities I was opportune to hear the breaking news on the radio and it sounded so unreal because the details were not clear. I called a friend who has the reputation of being very current with the happenings of Nigeria and he confirmed the news. My grief was justified as I heard that all passengers lost their lives to the fatal plane crash, even worse was the fact that the plane crashed into a two storey building.

My heart was gripped with pain and sorrow as I imagined the last minutes and seconds of the victims of the plane crash as well as those unfortunate people who met their death in the affected building.  More so, I was paralyzed by grief when I finally saw the mass of bodies charred from the explosion that emanated from the accident.

Further, I learnt that a friend’s colleague was involved and so the stories of people who we knew people who were relatives of the victims flooded into my ears over the next few days after the crash. It is a nightmare that I pray this Nigeria will never relive, but it also brought to my consciousness the type of relationship that our service providers have with us especially in the transportation industry. Service providers in this context are loosely used to accommodate companies that provide services to us in one way or the other. Imagine the nicely dressed air flight attendants of Dana air all clad in red, standing out amongst the other air flight attendants of other airlines!  Of course to our mind’s eye what better services can be provided in the aviation industry especially by private airlines apart from having all attractive and very polite flight attendants, nice meals or snacks, lovely looking planes despite its age or hidden faults unknown to us and a record for being timely. However, providing services goes beyond the above as there’s a duty on the company to ensure that their planes are fit for flying. In other words, there’s a duty on the company to fly planes that are not faulty and in cases where the planes are faulty, same should be taken for repairs and unless it has been certified as fit for flying, no station manager or management of a company must instruct a pilot to fly that plane conveying passengers. If and only if this happens then I would say that such a company has aimed for the best in providing top-notch services to its customers.  I watched with horror as I listened to a staff of Dana Airline recount the ordeal of that plane that was used to convey passengers on that fateful day of the crash. She stated that the plane has always been faulty and that there was a time the plane was sent for repairs and on coming back it was used for a full trip conveying passengers from one destination to another. She was so pained by the experience and blamed the use of faulty planes on the management of the company.  The company on its part has denied the use of faulty planes and in particular stated that the plane used in conveying passengers on that fateful Sunday was not the faulty plane because no pilot would risk his life and that of passengers in flying a faulty plane. The whole incidence has left a lot of speculations on the plane crash ranging from allegations of the residents of Iju Ishaga, Lagos that the ghosts of the victims would hunt them if their bodies are buried at the site of the crash to hydraulic fault of the plane to the history of the ‘faulty’ plane.  Sahara reporters have speculated that Dana Airlines might have purchased flight 9J- 992 ‘with a pre-existing safety issue and a troubling past of safety record.’ The aircraft was previously owned by US-based Alaska Airlines.

The relationship service providers have with their customers is not limited to the aviation industry, although my focus is on the transportation industry. It is common knowledge in Nigeria that road accidents are an everyday occurrence and there has been little or no response from the Government to address this issue. Little wonder that some people made reference to the fact that people die on a daily basis from road accidents and the fuss been accorded to the plane crash has never been given to road accidents.  Further, people have insinuated that the plane crash is just an accident and accidents do occur. They felt that the major cause of the declaration of the ‘national day mourning’ lies in the fact that rich people were involved in the accident, while this might not be entirely false, we should focus on the larger picture here which is the quality of services been provided in the transportation industry.

Those who travel by road are familiar with the promises of buses that the passengers would travel in air-conditioned buses, thereby increasing the price of their fare and not providing that service at the end of the day. What of the fact that most transporters put faulty buses on the road with the aim of cutting cost by failing to service their buses before embarking on a trip or the occurrence of using faulty tyres in the name of ‘ management’. Many people have lost their lives to that type of carelessness and even worse bad services emanating from the transportation industry. Most of the companies in the transportation industry are more concerned about maximizing profit at the expense of people’s lives. I learnt that Dana Airlines is losing the sum of N50, 000,000.00 (Fifty million naira) daily due to the suspension of its activities by the Federal Government of Nigeria. Perhaps, if all transportation companies have the reputation of paying keen attention to the state of their airplanes, cars or ships, mishap of this nature would be a thing of the past and their most cherished profits will also be utilized because people will always move from part of the country to another either by road or by air being the two major modes of transportation in the country.

I understand my grief and the grief of all Nigerians but it is at a time like this that we need to critically look at the nature of services we are being provided with in the transportation industry.

Perhaps, making that extra effort by our service providers can save millions of lives being lost to the accidents be it road accidents, air accidents and/or sea accidents.


Image credit: Daily Herald/ Jon Gambrell and Yinka Ibukun