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Most Nigerians who often travel overseas to other foreign lands are not unfamiliar with the drilling they have to go through at the immigration point of entry as a result of the mistrust, suspicion and dishonesty that arises by mere virtue of being a Nigerian.

Thus, the saying that Nigerians are bad news or nothing good comes out of Nigeria…

But today and time and again this saying has been disproved by many Nigerians living in diaspora. And that brings me to the 67th Primetime EMMY Awards where one winner held my attention. She first caught my attention when I watched her drama series as I was not only amused by her acting but with the way she portrayed the character “Suzanne Crazy Eyes Warren”


What men really want


Once upon a time, a movie titled “what women want” was released in 2010 and hundreds of thousands of people watched the movie to know what women want. There is also the general perception that women are complex and want a lot of things. What do men want is food for thought. I know men want women for a fact, but it does not stop there. How about meeting a man who wants more than a wife, who is looking for a woman who can also play a motherly role in his life because he was deprived of motherly love when growing up. There are other types of men who would just stick to the plain fact that the woman is a good cook. When asked what men want in life, some men would honestly say that they want a lovely car, a beautiful wife and a great job. Am not sure that is enough for them as they would take an extra step to procure a mistress in the midst of these good things or is it the mistresses running after the rich and powerful men who can take care of their needs? No matter the  dimension we choose to view men’s wants, we fail to conclude on what a man really wants. Have you ever taken a glance at the wife of an unfaithful man? She always possesses some qualities that would make one marvel at mystery behind cheating! Does this mean that men are just plain greedy despite having the good things of life, they want more.  A man could have numerous lovers and would want each and every one of those lover to have a single lover in the person of him. I guess the question of what men really wants bores down to the type of man as the saying goes one man’s meat is another man’s poison.

In conclusion, I had the privilege of  getting responses to the question of what do men really want  from about 3 men and it goes like this:

First man: Men want affection without obsessiveness, encouragement devoid of nagging. They want to be mothered yet feel in charge. They want a cook in the kitchen and a total whore in the bedroom. They want a woman who looks good and the fact that other men admire their woman. Last but not the least men want a woman that makes him feel like he is the only man in this world.

Second man: African men need a wife and  a whore by the side.

Third man: Men want a woman to feed them, have intercourse with them and be quiet.

From the above responses, I am of the opinion  that what men really  want is women.

Special thanks to all my contributors out there.


Why relationships with our partners fall apart (Part 2)

Now men why did she suddenly lose interest in you? Why the sudden irritation? Maybe your ‘swag’ is not perfect or you are not just what you made yourself out to be, you are all form and no substance. You borrowed your friend’s car to ask her for a date and you conveniently forgot to mention it to her. You took her to your cousin’s house at Lekki in Lagos and she thought it was yours and you never bothered to correct that impression. Or you are not a neat person, your mouth stinks, your armpits can kill all the fish in the river, you don’t bother about shaving your beards and your English is mixed with ‘s’ in every statement or you simply don’t have a sense of responsibility or you cannot take the initiative even when she looks up to you or you have an over bearing attitude, always trying to lord it over her because you have an inferiority complex problem or you just have low self-esteem. You are afraid of change and would rather stay in one place. You are intimidated by her, so you deliberately stay quiet and pretend it’s alright. No! it is not, women love men that can lead, every woman looks up to her man and no woman (except a dirty one) likes a dirty man.
No woman likes a lazy man who cannot act like a man in every sense of the word. No woman would support a man who she does not believe in.
There it is guys! When she suddenly pulls off, it means you don’t have that swag to keep her or you do have the swag but you just don’t care about how you treat her or you are insensitive to her feelings or you are wealthy enough to hold her attention but have no idea on how to manage your time. Women love attention as much as they love your generosity. A lady who genuinely loves a man is constantly seeking to spend more time with the man. A man without a vision is of no good to a woman and she will eventually dump you when a better man comes her way. Thus, as a man when a woman looses interest it means you are lacking in certain areas. It means you lied about your material wealth and she is very pissed. She rather dates the cousin that owns the house than you the ‘poser’. Why not lay all your cards on the table. So, that she can come to appreciate you for who you are. You can strive to be a better man and put a wide smile on your woman’s face. Do you think they are other reasons why a woman can lose interest in her man?